Democracy vs dictatorship – Ritesh Roy

Today, when our country has lost its way of democracy, the government has descended on dictatorship, democratic and constitutional institutions are losing their existence, the country has become completely devoid of opposition, then the students of JNU are playing the role of the only and real opposition. And the country is silent, JNU is the only institution in the country that truly represents democratic socialism, If you want to see an egalitarian society, then you go to JNU Campus, JNU is the only institution in the country where even the lowest strata of the society study proudly without facing any discrimination, but this feudalistic-capitalist government structure of JNU and The objective is bent on destroying the country and the country is silent.

Today, if we do not wake up and remain silent then the only remaining opposition of the country will also be destroyed and the country will go one step further towards dictatorship and civil war, and the coming generations will ask us the question when drunk with a power What were you doing when the dictator was ruining the country?

So, now wake up colleagues and stand with JNU, because if JNU is captured by the capitalists, then the final hope of democracy in the country will also end.

Written By — Ritesh Roy


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