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Check out the most popular child names, list of unique baby names for new born child.

If you’re not sure whether if you’re having a boy or a girl child, finding a name can feel even harder. Why not look at some unisex kids names to hedge your bets.

Most popular naming idea is a loved member of the family’s name for newborn baby. For example, perhaps you’d naming your daughter your mother’s name, or give naming your’s son your partner’s father’s name. Read up on naming your child after a loved family member or parents names combination for newborn .

You could also think of something personally meaningful babies name that’s linked to your family, culture, interests or religion.

For religious people, as a reflection of your personal faith, see our collection of Christian, Hindu newborn baby boy and girl names.

If you’re looking for an authentic India hindu baby name, why not pick a Sanskrit Baby Name or Baby name as per Rashi/Horoscope and nakshtra. Check this list of some of the latest Hindu baby boy names and their meanings.

Or, if you’d prefer to pick a name that reflects your little one’s modern consider popular baby names based on your origin. ===For example, if you have strong traditional roots, you might like to choose a Hindu baby name of Mythological origin.

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    Baby Names & Meanings

    Choosing the special and unique name for your child, take a long time to deiced the name, especially when many options floating around. Choose from our collection of boy names and girl names.

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    Looking for special name or some types of name in your mind? Enter your words, here you will get perfect baby name advice. You’ll find lists of baby girls, baby boys, and gender neutral baby names.

    All time Favorites name list in following table.  Trending & Featured name that we will update time to time.

    Name Meaning Origin Boy/Girl Religion
    Adarius a combination of Adam + Darius American Boy Christian
    Chuck a familiar form of Charles American Boy Christian
    Dayvon a form of Davin American Boy Christian
    Ram Lord Rama Indian Boy Hindu
    Krish Farmer Indian Boy Hindu
    Vaidehi Form of Yagya Indian Girl Hindu
    Junaid Muslim Indian boy Muslim
    Abby Joy Of The Father American boy Christian
    Abram High Father American boy Christian
    Agost Great, To Increase Polish Boy Christian
    Afon River Welsh Boy Christian

    American Baby Names

    As per social security  , most popular baby name are these.

    Popular Male name in USA

    1. Liam
    2. Noah
    3. Oliver
    4. Elijah
    5. William
    6. James
    7. Benjamin
    8. Lucas
    9. Henry
    10. Alexander

    Popular Female name in USA

    1. Olivia
    2. Emma
    3. Ava
    4. Charlotte
    5. Sophia
    6. Amelia
    7. Isabella
    8. Mia
    9. Evelyn
    10. Harper

    English Baby Names

    Top 10 British baby names for girls and boys

    British baby boy names

    1. Oliver
    2. Harry
    3. George
    4. Noah
    5. Jack
    6. Jacob
    7. Leo
    8. Oscar
    9. Charlie
    10. Muhammad 

    British baby girl names

    1. Olivia
    2. Amelia
    3. Isla
    4. Ava
    5. Emily
    6. Isabella
    7. Mia
    8. Poppy
    9. Ella
    10. Lily

    Indian Baby Name

    Indian is a big country here choosing a baby name is very tuff. But there are many origin, culture and religion that make choosing baby name selection easy and unique.



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