Baby boy names start with N

N letter boy name, Baby boy names start with N, Hindu boy name N letter

Choosing the hindu boy name with N letter, for your newborn boy child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby boy names that start with N. Modern hindu baby boy names starting with letter N. Indian boy names starting with N. English baby boy names starting with N. “N” letter names for boy in India. See alsoBaby girl names start with N.

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NaabhiHindu / HindiCentre of body, an ancient king
NaagHindu / HindiA big serpent
Naag-raajHindu / HindiKing of the serpents
NaagarjunHindu / HindiAn ancient philosopher
NaagdharHindu / HindiOne who wears cobra
NaagendraHindu / HindiKing of the serpents
NaageshHindu / HindiGod of serpents ( sheshnaag )
NaagpalHindu / HindiSaviour of serpents
NaagpatiHindu / HindiKing of serpents ( vaasuki )
NaagrajHindu / HindiIt means the King of Serpents
NaakeshHindu / HindiMoon
NaamaharHindu / HindiHe will be known by this special name
NaamanandHindu / HindiA prominent person by virtue of his name
NaamdevHindu / HindiName of a saint
NaamgeetHindu / HindiA name that is always remembered
NaanakHindu / HindiFirst sikh guru
NaaraayanHindu / HindiThe refuge of man
NaaradHindu / HindiAn ancient sage
NabenduHindu / HindiNew moon
NabhanyuHindu / HindiEternal
NabhenduHindu / HindiNew moon
NabhiHindu / HindiThe best
NabhijHindu / HindiLord brahama
NabhithHindu / HindiFearless
NabhojHindu / HindiBorn in sky
NabhomaniHindu / HindiJewel of the sky (sun)
NabhyaHindu / HindiLord shiva
NachikHindu / HindiA short form of nachiketa
NachiketHindu / HindiSon of vajashravas
NachiketaHindu / HindiAn ancient sage, fire
NadeenHindu / HindiOcean
NadeeshHindu / HindiGod of river (ocean)
NadishHindu / HindiOcean
NagaHindu / Hindi
NagamaniHindu / Hindi
NagarajHindu / Hindi
NagarajaHindu / Hindi
NagarajanHindu / Hindi
NagarajuHindu / Hindi
NagarinHindu / HindiLord of a town
NagarjunHindu / HindiBest among the snakes
NagarjunaHindu / Hindi
NagdharHindu / HindiOne who adornes mountain
NagendraHindu / HindiLord of mountains ( himalaya )
NagendranHindu / Hindi
NageshHindu / HindiKing of all Serpants in Hindu mythology;
NageshaHindu / Hindi
NageshwaranHindu / HindiKing of Serpants
NageswaraHindu / HindiSerpant King
NaggarHindu / HindiLord krishna
NagpalHindu / HindiSaviour of serpents
NagrajHindu / HindiNagraj means,”Lord of the Nagas” or serpent king
NahushHindu / HindiThe ancient word of Sanskrit origin means ‘neighbour or kindred’ ‘fellow man’. It is another name given to Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu as reference to the illusive powers or maya to confound every being.
NahushaHindu / HindiA mythological king
NaimishHindu / Hindi
NainHindu / HindiEye
NairitHindu / HindiSouth-west
NaishadhHindu / HindiLegendary king of nishadha
NakhrajHindu / HindiMoon
NaksatrarajaHindu / HindiKing of stars
NakshatraHindu / HindiStar
NakulHindu / HindiTwin brother of sahdev
NalHindu / HindiAn ancient king
NaleshHindu / HindiKing of flowers
NalinHindu / HindiLotus
NalinakshHindu / HindiLotus -eyed
NalinakshaHindu / HindiLotus-eyed
NalinikantHindu / HindiHusband of lotus, ( sun)
NallamothuHindu / Hindi
NamanHindu / HindiThe name of Hindi and Hebrew origin means ‘salutations’, ‘be kind’.
NamasyuHindu / HindiBowing
NambiHindu / HindiSelf confident
NamdevHindu / HindiPoet, saint
NamishHindu / HindiLord vishnu
NamitHindu / HindiBowed down, modest
NanakHindu / HindiGuru of sikhs
NandHindu / HindiPleasure, father of krishna
Nand NandanHindu / HindiOne who loves Lord Krishna
Nand-kishoreHindu / HindiLord krishna
Nand-nandanHindu / HindiLord krishna
NandadulalHindu / HindiA lovable individual
NandagopalHindu / HindiHe who takes care of his cows
NandakHindu / HindiPleasing
NandakishorHindu / HindiWiz kid
NandakishoreHindu / HindiA follower of Lord Krishna
NandakumarHindu / HindiLord krishna
NandalalHindu / HindiOne who lives by the principles of Lord Krishna
NandanHindu / HindiSon
NandapalHindu / HindiProtected by the love of Lord Krishna
NandessHindu / HindiHe who believes in tranquility
NandhuHindu / HindiOne who is blessed by Lord Krishna
NandiHindu / HindiOne who pleases others
NandighoshHindu / HindiA pleasing boy who takes care of his cows
NandilHindu / HindiA strong and happy individual
NandinHindu / HindiThe delightful, follower of shiva
NandishHindu / HindiLord shiva -nandishwar
NandishaHindu / HindiOne who is protected by the protector of bulls
NandlaalHindu / HindiLord krishna
NaniHindu / Hindi
NanjayyanHindu / HindiOne who is protected under the grace of Lord Shiva
NannanHindu / HindiThe king who is humorous
NanthagopalHindu / Hindi
NaotauHindu / HindiOur new son
NaradHindu / HindiIndian saint, devotee of narayan
NarahariHindu / HindiLord vishnu
NarashimaHindu / Hindi
NarasimhaHindu / HindiA form of vishnu that is half man & half lion
NarayanHindu / HindiLord vishnu
NarayanaHindu / HindiVishnu
NarayananHindu / HindiTitle of vishnu/krsna
NarenHindu / Hindi
NarendarHindu / HindiThe Lords of Men
NarenderHindu / Hindi
NarendraHindu / HindiKing of men
NarendranHindu / Hindi
NarendranathHindu / HindiKing of kings, emperor
NareshHindu / HindiLord of man
NareshaHindu / HindiNaresha means,’emperor of emperors’
NarhariHindu / HindiMan-lion
NarinderHindu / HindiThe king
NarmadHindu / HindiBringing delight
NarottamHindu / HindiBest among men
NarpreetHindu / HindiThe one who loves the mankind
NarsiHindu / HindiPoet, saint
NarsimhaHindu / HindiLion among men
NartanHindu / HindiDance
NartanaHindu / HindiMakes others dance
NarunHindu / HindiLeader of men
NarunaHindu / HindiLeader of men
NarvinderHindu / HindiNarvinder means lord of all
NatarajanHindu / Hindi
NateshHindu / HindiKing
NateshwarHindu / HindiGod of drama ( lord shiva)
NatrajHindu / HindiThe supreme dancer
NatwarHindu / HindiLord krishna
NaubaharHindu / Hindi
NauharHindu / Hindi9 garlands
NaukaHindu / HindiBoat
NavHindu / Hindi
NavajHindu / HindiNewly born
NavakanthHindu / HindiNew light
NavalHindu / HindiWonder
NavalanHindu / HindiOrator
NavaneetHindu / HindiWho takes pleasure in new joys
NavaneethHindu / Hindi
NavashenHindu / HindiThe one who brings hope
NaveenHindu / HindiNew; Fresh; Modern
NaveenHindu / HindiNew; Fresh; Modern
NavenduHindu / HindiThe moon a night after amavasya
NavinHindu / HindiNew
NavinchandraHindu / HindiSame as navendu
NavnathHindu / Hindi
NavnitHindu / HindiFresh butter
NavrangHindu / HindiBeautiful
NavratanHindu / HindiNine jewels
NavrathanHindu / Hindi
NavrozHindu / HindiA parsee festival
NavtejHindu / HindiNew light
NawalkishorHindu / HindiLord krishna
NayakanHindu / HindiHero
NayanHindu / HindiEyes
NayathHindu / HindiLeading
NeeharHindu / HindiA lovely layer of morning dew drops
NeelHindu / HindiBlue
NeelabhHindu / HindiObject in the sky (cloud, moon)
NeeladriHindu / HindiThe nilgiri hills
NeelamaniHindu / HindiBlue jewel
NeelambarHindu / HindiBlue sky
NeelambujHindu / HindiBlue lotus
NeelanchalHindu / HindiNilgiri hills
NeelanjanHindu / HindiBlue
NeeleshHindu / HindiLord krishna; moon
NeelgreevHindu / HindiLord shiva
NeelkamalHindu / HindiBlue lotus
NeelkantaHindu / HindiLord shiva
NeelkanthHindu / HindiLord shiva
NeelmadhavHindu / HindiLord jagannath
NeelotpalHindu / HindiBlue lotus
NeenaHindu / Hindigracious, full of grace;Ornamented;Darling or Dear
NeeradHindu / HindiClouds
NeeradhHindu / HindiOne who is like a cloudy sky
NeerajHindu / HindiA lotus
NeeravHindu / HindiQuiet, silent
NeeshHindu / Hindi
NehanthHindu / HindiShowers of love and affection
NeilHindu / HindiBlue
NeleshaHindu / HindiThe blue coloured God
NepolianHindu / Hindi
NevaanHindu / HindiThe name means’‘holy soul’ in Sanskrit.
NibinHindu / Hindi
NibodhHindu / HindiKnowledge
NideshHindu / Hindi
NidheeshHindu / Hindi
NidhinHindu / Hindi
NidhishHindu / HindiLord of treasure
NigamHindu / HindiTreasure
NihaarHindu / HindiFog
NihalHindu / HindiGratified
NihanthHindu / HindiNihanth means unending or one that cannot be stopped
NiharHindu / HindiCovered with the morning
NijinHindu / Hindi
NikashHindu / HindiHorizon
NikeshHindu / Hindi
NiketHindu / HindiThis is a Hindu name and it refers to a ‘Home’ or ‘An abode’
NiketanHindu / HindiHouse, mansion
NikhatHindu / HindiFragrance
NikhilHindu / HindiNew master of the group
NikhileshHindu / HindiLord of the universe
NikitaHindu / HindiThe name is derived from Sanskrit word “Niketan” meaning ‘abode’,’the earth’. The name also has Greek origin meaning “victorious”.
NikshayHindu / Hindi
NikulHindu / Hindi
NikunjHindu / HindiBower,arbour
NikunjaHindu / HindiEnchanting
NilayHindu / HindiHome, mansion m/f hindu
NileshHindu / HindiKrishna, blue god
NilkanthHindu / HindiNilakanth is a name of Lord Shiva. Nilakanth literally means blue throat.
NimaiHindu / HindiChaitanya
NimeshHindu / Hindi
NimishHindu / HindiSpilt-second
NimitHindu / HindiThe name comes from Sanskrit literature meaning ‘destiny’. The name also means ‘fixed or determined’, ‘measured’.
NinadHindu / HindiSound
NipunHindu / HindiExper
NirHindu / HindiWater
NiraamayHindu / HindiPure
NiradHindu / HindiGiven by water
NirajHindu / HindiBorn from water, lotus flower, pearl
NirajitHindu / HindiIlluminated
NiramayHindu / HindiWithout blemish
NiramitraHindu / HindiSon of pandava sahadeva
NiranjanHindu / HindiThe night of the full moon
NirankarHindu / HindiWith no shape -god
NiravHindu / HindiWithout sound
NirbhayHindu / HindiFearless
NirbhikHindu / HindiFearless
NirdharHindu / HindiOne who holds water ( cloud)
NirekHindu / HindiSuperior
NirijharHindu / HindiWaterful
NirishHindu / HindiFree, without any owner
NirmalHindu / HindiPure, clear
NirmalyaHindu / HindiPure
NirmanyuHindu / HindiFree of anger
NirmayHindu / HindiPure
NirmitHindu / HindiCreated
NirmohiHindu / HindiUnattached
NirupamHindu / HindiWithout comparison
NirvanHindu / HindiLiberation
NisargHindu / Hindi
NischalHindu / HindiCool
NischithHindu / HindiFixed
NishHindu / Hindi
NishadHindu / HindiSeventh note of the octave
NishakantHindu / HindiHusband of night ( moon)
NishakarHindu / HindiMoon -lord of night
NishanathHindu / HindiMoon
NishantHindu / HindiDawn
NishanthHindu / Hindi
NisharHindu / HindiWarm cloth
NishatHindu / HindiA tree
NishchalHindu / HindiUnmovable, unshakable
NisheshHindu / HindiMoon
NishikaantHindu / HindiThe moon
NishikantHindu / HindiHusband of night ( moon)
NishikantaHindu / HindiThe moon
NishikarHindu / HindiMoon -lord of night
NishilHindu / HindiNight
NishinathHindu / HindiLord of night (moon)
NishipalHindu / HindiMoon
NishipatiHindu / HindiMoon
NishitHindu / HindiThe name of Sanskrit origin means ‘born of night or night’.
NishithHindu / HindiNight
NishkamaHindu / HindiSelfless
NishkarshHindu / HindiResult
NishokHindu / HindiHappy
NissimHindu / HindiUnbounded
NisyaanthanHindu / HindiEvening
NiteeshHindu / HindiLord of law
NiteshHindu / HindiMaster of the right path
NitheeshHindu / Hindi
NitheshHindu / Hindi
NithikHindu / HindiMaster of justice
NithinHindu / HindiBrilliant
NithishHindu / Hindi
NitinHindu / HindiMaster of the right path
NitishHindu / HindiLord of correct path
Nitya-sundaraHindu / HindiGood-looking
NityagopalHindu / HindiConstant
NityanandHindu / HindiPerennially happy
NityanandaHindu / HindiLord krishna; always happy
NityantaHindu / HindiLord vishnu
NivedHindu / HindiPottan
NivruttiHindu / HindiSeparation from world
NiyathHindu / HindiBehaviour
NovinHindu / Hindi
NridevHindu / HindiKing amongst men
NripHindu / HindiKing
NripaHindu / HindiKing
NripendraHindu / HindiKing of kings
NripeshHindu / HindiKing of kings
NrupadhHindu / HindiFeet of a king