Today Choghadiya

Today Choghadiya

Chogadhiya also as Chogadia, Choghadiya, Chaughadia same term for daily muhurat.  Chogadhiya used to know the auspicious time of the day for different purpose. Like today Chogadhiya muhurat for travel, business, Government work also used for Today Chogadhiya (Aaj ka Chogadhiya) Shubh Kaal for new business, education marriage, Religious activities. Visit for Chogadhiya in Hindi.

Today Chogadhiya (Aaj Ka Chogadhiya) – 5 July 2020

Day Choghadiya Night Choghadiya
Chogadhiya Start to End Time Chogadhiya Start to End Time
Udevg 05:50 AM to 07:34 AM Shubh 06:49 PM to 08:13 PM
Char 07:34 AM to 09:10 AM


08:13 PM to 09:37 PM
Labh 09:10 AM to 10:47 AM Char 09:37 PM to 11:00 PM
Amrit 10:47 AM to 12:25 PM Rog 11:00 PM to 12:24 AM


12:25 PM to 02:01 PM Kaal 12:24 AM to 01:48 AM
Shubh 02:01  PM to 03:37 PM Labh 01:48 AM to 03:12 AM
Rog 03:37 PM to 05:13 PM udveg 03:12 AM to 05:38 AM
Udveg 05:13 PM to 06:47 PM Shubh 05:36 AM to 06:60 AM

To know  Aaj ka chogadhiya for day and Night. Which is best today best muhurat timing see the table below.

Auspicious Chogadhiya muhurat for day and night are Amrit, Shubh, Labh and Char.  Inauspicious Choghadiya muhurat of Day and Night Udveg, Kaal and Rog,

Today Chogadhiya

day chogadhiya

Tonight Chogadhiya

Tonight chogadhiya

What is Chogadhiya?

Chogadhiya is hindi word. That used to calculate auspicious and inauspicious timing of the day and night.

Day of the Week Ruling Planet Chogadhiya
Sunday Sun Udveg
Monday Moon Amrit
Tuesday Mars Rog
Wednesday Mercury Labh
Thursday Jupiter Shubh
Friday Venus Char
Saturday Saturn Kala