In 2018, banks lost 41 thousand crores

2018 में बैंकों को लगा 41 हजार करोड़ का चूना

New Delhi: Although in 2018, Punjab National Bank had the highest discussion of fraud worth about 13 thousand crores, but according to the latest data of Reserve Bank of India, in this 4 years, banks have lost more than 40 thousand crores rupees. . The RBI said in its figures that in 2017-18, banks have lost about Rs 41,167.7 crore. That figure was up to Rs 23,933 crore last year.

It has been told by RBI that in the last four moves, there has been a steady increase in cases of fraud with banks. In 2013-14, there was a fraud case of Rs 10,170 crore. Which has increased to Rs 41,167.7 crore in 2018. Which is 4 times more than Pahler.

The Reserve Bank of India reported in a report that banks have achieved significant success in debt recovery in FY 2018. Banks have recovered a loan of Rs 40,400 crore in the financial year ended in March 2018, compared to a recovery of Rs 38,500 crore in 20 17 of the previous year.

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