Lizard Falling on Man Woman Body Part Meaning

Lizard Falling on Man Woman Body Part Meaning

The effect of Lizard falling is narrated by a section of astrology; Gowli Shastra.

Ever wondered what does it mean when a lizard falls on male or female? The lizard falling on a person is considered to be good or evil as per Indian tradition. It is said that falling of lizard has a different meaning according to the body part it falls on. As per astrology meaning about lizard falling on head, lizard falling on left and right shoulder, lizard falling on head, lizard falling in front of you etc. Interpretation on the basis of body part, the lizard has fallen upon.

Know about the Dream Meaning in Hindi.

The interpretation of lizard falling on males and females. When a lizard falls in front of you rather than falling over any of your body parts then, it also has a different meaning.

Lizard falling on Man

lizard falling on headA dispute is on the way
lizard falling on left shouldernew enemies are formed
lizard fall on right shoulder or  right handSome troubles are coming to you
lizard falling in front of younot considered a good indicator
lizard falling on left legconsidered auspicious
lizard touch the right footYou will face a challenging period
lizard falling on foreheadYou will face separation from your beloved
Left earYou will be lucky to get some money
Upper lipThere is an impending quarrel
Lower lipA financial gain is expected soon
MouthFear of losing your health
lizard falling on back boneYou will face some success or gains
In your dreamFear of the government
ThighsYou will lose your clothes
ToesSome kind of physical illness is expected
lizard falling on chestdenotes Gain / Profit
lizard falling on the bedsome misfortune in the future
two lizards fall down togetherDisputes between family members and relatives

Lizard Falling on Woman

lizard falling on right shoulder of womanRomantic moments are ahead of you
what happens if lizard falls on left shoulder for femaleSome kind of mental stress
what happens if lizard falls on right leg for femaleYou will face some defeats or failures
lizard falling on head woman at nightFear of death
Upper right earThere are some financial profits underway
Hair plaitConfusions regarding some illness is underway
Left eyeYour man will love you
Right eyeYou will face some mental stress
Right cheekYou will get a male child
BacksideYou will hear some death news
NailsA conflict or dispute is underway
HandsSome financial gains are expected
ThighsYou will come across a romantic situation
KneesYou will receive some affection
AnkleSome trouble or complexity is on the way
Calf of the legSome visitors are coming home
Right legYou will face some defeats or failures
ToesYou will mother a male child