Rahukaalam or simply Rahu Kaal delhi AS PER Hindu astrology an inauspicious time span on every day which is not considered favourable to do any auspicious work like Puja, Hawan, Yagya or  start new activity.

It covers a span of 90 minutes every day between sunrise time and sunset time.

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It is considered important in muhurat calculation and strictly avoided while doing auspicious work. But Rahukaalam on Tuesday is said to provide immense benefits and protection maa Durga’s devotees.

Rahukaal Calculations

If Sunrise at sharp 6 AM and sunset time is sharp at 6 PM, so there will be   Rahu Kaal timing as per given below table.  Rahukaal on different days of the week, Rahukaal timing can vary citywise because different city have different sun rise and sunset timing.

  • Monday- 7.30-9.00 (2nd part)
  • Tuesday- 15.00-16.30 (7th part)
  • Wednesday- 12.00-13.30 (5th part)
  • Thursday- 13.30-1500 (6th part)
  • Friday-10.30-12.00 (4th part)
  • Saturday- 9.00- 10.30 (3rd part)
  • Sunday- 16.30-18.00 (8th part)

Rahu Kaal doesn’t occur on the first part of the day and the rest of the seven parts are attributed to other different parts of the day.