Must-have Ethnic Shoes for Women

There are endless footwear options for women to pair their ethnic attire with. Ethnic sandals for women have gained huge popularity because of the trendy Indo western look. There is no doubt that every woman should have at least one pair of voguish ethnic footwear in their closet. However, when it comes to pairing your ethnic wear, every woman wants classy yet fashionable footwear. As the fashion world keeps evolving, these footwear designs vary from simple, casual to fancy and gaudy.

Ethnic Footwear Guide

There are several popular ethnic footwear designs across the world. Some of them are-

  1. Jutti– Around glorious Punjab, juttis are quite popular. These are available in rich hues and trendy designs. They have made a significant mark across India and abroad. Golden threads and colorful beads are used to craft these exquisite juttis to impart a traditional touch on them. They are comfortable and versatile; they can glam up any outfit. They are considered as one of the most popular ethnic sandals for women.
  2. Kolhapuri chappal– As the name suggests, these famous Indian hand-crafted chappals are from Kolhapur. They are open-toed, T-star sandals that both men and women can wear. They have come a long way and have successfully retained their original style. These are unexpectedly famous amongst the college-going youth and creative professionals who rock these chappals with Kurtis and denim.
  3. Bellies– The stylish and classy flat partywear bellies will always stay in style. These can be worn by women of all ages on any occasion. Whether you’re wearing ethnic attire or your party dress, bellies never fail to upgrade your style quotient. The evergreen bellies are easy and comfortable to wear. If you want to spice it up, these bellies are also available with stones, studs, and other embellishments. Every woman needs a pair of all-around bellies to spice up her wardrobe.
  4. Loafers– Bright and vibrant colored loafers go amazingly well with ethnic outfits. These are a perfect combination of comfort and style. Loafers never go out of trend and would look great with casual outfits as well as traditional Indian attire. You can wear loafers at formal office meetings too. They add a charm to your outfit and help you make a statement at the same time. They are available in a wide variety of patterns, from simple single-colored loafers to ones with embroidery.
  5. Heels– Heels are undoubtedly the most popular footwear for women. They go well with casual outfits as well as party or ethnic wear. They look adorable with little stones and pearls and can make any woman look stunning on several occasions. If you cannot tolerate the discomfort caused by some heels, go ahead with wedge heels. Unlike pencil heels, these are immensely comfortable, and it is not difficult to walk in them.
  6. Colorful flats– The stylish and classy colorful flats always remain in trend. You can wear any outfit from an everyday basic one to some designer ethnic wear. These would go with anything. They have an endless variety to them as they can be found in so many different colors, sizes, patterns, etc. Flats are generally worn in summers, but you can pair them up with warm winter wear as well. They are the most befitting footwear for any kind of outfit.
  7. Mules– Mules are a unique type of footwear as they are without any back or support around the foot’s heel. They often feature a pointy toe and are easy to wear as they come along with a slip-on style. They come in a variety of different materials ranging from leather to velvet. They never go out of style due to their convenience and versatility options. If you are easily irritated by heels or straps, mules are a perfect fit for you.
  8. Oxfords– Oxfords are usually worn with formal outfits, but you can pair them with ethnic wear. You can make a statement with this super comfy and trendy footwear. You can find these in a wide array of materials and designs, although leather is the most popular choice. These shoes help to improve your style by adding a hint of class to your minimal look.

These are some of the most popular choices of footwear by women. Women of all ages can wear them, and these always remain in trend.


Undoubtedly, footwear has become an essential part of one’s attire. The choice of shoes you wear can decide the whole vibe of your outfit. Nowadays, there are numerous options for women, such as party wear bellies, heels, loafers, and many more. Choosing the right pair of shoes and getting quality products at the best price is crucial as no look is complete without a fantastic pair of footwear.