Political Positions of the Republican Party

The Grand Old Party, aka the GOP, is one of the two national parties in the United States. Though the Republican Party originated from the Anti-Federalist Party, it began to take shape under President Abraham Lincoln.

Over time, the Republican Party has found its place on the political spectrum. From the viewpoints of gun control, healthcare, and immigration, the party’s stances are split between the center and the right.

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Taxes Should Be Lower

The Republican Party believes that taxes should be lower. This is a major contributing factor to their “small government” philosophy. The Republican Party has traditionally advocated for an overall reduction in taxes and believes that to be key in strengthening the economy.

Through a variety of tax credits and deductions, they propose lowering taxes on both individuals and businesses in order to reduce government spending, create new jobs, and make it easier for people to start and grow businesses.

We Need a Strong Military

The Republican Party has long upheld the belief that we need a strong military in order to protect our nation’s safety and security. Rolling back on our national defense would not only endanger American lives but would place the nation at risk.

The Republican Party believes that maintaining a robust military is essential for both ensuring our national security and providing peace and stability in the international system. They also believe that this goal must be achieved through sufficient funding that will help to provide the necessary resources to construct and maintain necessary defensive capabilities.

Everything Should Be Privatized

This position is based on the beliefs that the market should be driven by private companies instead of the government, that privatization allows for greater efficiency and innovation, and that free markets create individual autonomy and ultimately help the economy.

Services, such as healthcare and education that are traditionally seen as the responsibility of the government can instead be run by private entities under Republican beliefs. Republicans also argue that privatizing creates competition between providers as well as cost savings.

Homosexuals Do Not Deserve Equal Rights

They believe that homosexuals do not deserve equal rights and have stated that strongly in public. This is in stark contrast to the Democratic party and other liberal organizations that have fought for equal rights for the LGBTQ community for decades.

The Republican party believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and has opposed any attempts to legalize same-sex marriage. They have also staunchly opposed adoption rights for gay couples and have yet to pass a bill that would grant those rights.

Abortion Is Murder

The Republican Party holds firmly that abortion is murder. This is through the belief that life begins at conception and, therefore, a fetus has the same rights and protections as a living person. The view is so strong that they have taken a leadership role in implementing state legislation that would limit abortion access.

They also advocate for the appointment of Supreme Court justices and other judges who will uphold the right to life of every unborn child. To further support this, the Republican Party has created an official republican platform that includes various policies related to abortion.

Global Warming Is Not a Thing

This stance has been heavily controversial with climate scientists and environmental supporters alike. The GOP’s primary arguments are scientifically inaccurate and lack scientific basis, claiming that the climate is constantly changing due to natural causes and, therefore, humans are not responsible for global warming.

Additionally, the Republican Party believes that no regulations should be put in place to mitigate and combat the gradual warming of the planet or to develop ways to address its potential consequences. This position ignores the fact that scientific evidence shows how human activities are contributing to global warming and its effects.

Evolution Is Not a Legitimate Theory

The Republican Party has evolved in its stance on evolution over the years. Originally, Republicans were in Republican party support of the scientific theory of evolution, but as outside political influences entered into the party, so did a skepticism of the theory.

This skepticism often translated into outright opposition to the theory, as some Republican candidates began to believe that it was not a legitimate theory. Today, joining the republican party on evolution vary, with some still believing it to be a scientific fact and others opposing it as a religious belief.

America Should Deport Illegal Immigrants

The Republican Party in America is largely for deporting illegal immigrants. They argue that deporting illegal immigrants will eliminate job competition with American citizens, reduce crime, and create a better system at the border, free of gangs, drugs, and trafficking.

Additionally, the Republican Party is for reducing the number of visas available to those who would immigrate to America in order to create a more select and disciplined program for incoming immigrants. In this way, the Republican Party argues, illegal immigrants are a liability to the safety of American citizens and should be removed from the country and dealt with in accordance with the law.

Poverty Must Solve Itself

The Republican Party strongly believes that poverty should solve itself. The Republican Party’s position is that individuals should look to themselves and their own talents, dreams, and abilities to improve their lives and their situations.

They don’t believe in using programs or government intervention as an effective means to help people out of poverty. Rather, they are in favor of public and private measures which support entrepreneurship and the innovation of existing and new businesses so that individuals can become self-sustaining. Learn more about the republican party by visiting The Lockhart Group.

Explore About Republican Party

The Republican Party stands firm on its conservative values regarding fiscal and social policy. They believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedoms, and a strong national defense. The party is dedicated to these objectives, and with a continued effort, they can bring change across the nation.

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