travel-to-london tourist attractions

Travel to London Tourist Attractions

Why to Travel London — London Attractions

London is the most sparkling and dazzling city to visit all the time. The city contains everything, you are looking to visit for including theater, elegant shopping malls, historical places, rich culture, sporting events, vast greenery, Hospitable 5 star hotels and much more. There are 100 reasons to travel London but not a little bit reason to not go for London even when you have a chance. London is mostly famous for its amazing looks like Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Queen Victoria Memorial, Globe theater and thousands of places seems difficult to enlist. Here is top 5 London places you must travel for:

One of the amazing London sceneries ‘London Skylight’ is another place to travel for luggage storage in London.

Buckingham Palace tour

When plan a summer vacation visit, travel to London Buckingham Palace is best place to explore Royal Collection. Buckingham Palace is opened for visitors during summer every year. Buckingham palace is the official Queen’s residence, that displays a true picture of Royal architecture for visitors. The spacious, luxurious 778 rooms with elegant furniture and other attractive items are the silent language of London’s rich history. You can also enjoy Royal paintings exhibition when come for vacations, held every year during summer holidays. You can stay at Buckingham Palace, by pre-booking through your credit card. You can get complete guide at The bank boy regarding ‘How to pre-book the Palace tour’ .

Tower of London

Tower of London is a great mystery. Even people of London are unaware of some incidents occurs within the walls of this palace of torture and death. London Tower has its own world’s biggest zoo having wired beasts and astonishing animals. There are number of adventures you could do when travel to London. Tower of London is full of bloody tales and interesting unknown stories, amazing to discover so it’s really an amazing to visit in London. You can plan your visit to London Tower any time in a year, London Tower always welcome its visitors to explore. Staying area is also well-designed and luxurious, gives you dogs welcome up to breakout rooms, all of the facilities are available and you will surely enjoy your visit.

Imperial War Museum

Imperial war museum is another London attraction. You can also travel to London if you want to explore history. Churchill War rooms are the underground headquarters that represents the time of 2ndworld war during Blitz. You can discover army secrets when visit for War museum, plan your London visit this vacations and start exploring your history. The residential area at Imperial War Museum is well-decorated, fully furnished and possesses vast space having number or facilities, events, evening & Morning visits and much more for visitors.

London Skylight

London is a city of lights from ground to sky without limits. One of the amazing London sceneries ‘London Skylight’ is another place to travel for. You can book your flight to London from May-Sep if you want to enjoy cocktail and beer while sitting on the sprightly rooftop. The game of croquet and petanque unbridle your winner side while playing. You will enjoy delicious foods and drinks while staying at Skylight and comes back with great memories and excellent experience.


Suffolk in London Kingdom is considered as All-in-one for a perfect vacation tour. You will find here everything like, Beach, Coastline, space for games, landscape, Pine forests, salt marsh, flowering sea-pea, wetland and much more. This is a complete place to start picnic for long. You can come to Suffolk during summer and stays at The Swan in Southold, Suffolk the highly hospitable hotel welcome. In the Suffolk this is the best place to stay having 42 elegant rooms with all the facilities. High tea at 5:30pm is one of the famous thing about “The Swan”. Book your flight for London, Suffolk right now.

This was all about some special places in London, that gives you a solid reason to travel to London and explore beauty, history and mystery all at once.