SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO Short form of Search Engine Optimization. SEO techniques use to manage a website page that can index and rank for particular users query.

Purpose of SEO

Organic keywords ranking to Get traffic that make conversion. Best seo increases revenue. In a single statement we can say website SEO – increase traffic on website.

Search engine optimization helps businesses to create fast and user-friendly web pages that rank higher in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc, which in turn helps bring many prospects to their sites and ultimately increases sales.

How to Check SEO of a Website?

There are many populart paid and free tools to get seo report of any website.
Google Analytics – Only website Admin, Editor and Moderator can view seo report. Its gives website traffice report, user flow and behavior, traffice source and audiance devices.

  • Google Search Console – Webmaster : In google webmaster seo report we can see the search expereice of our website pages, Seach query. Website error, warning, security and good performing pages.
  • Google Page Speed Insight – Free Tool use to see the website page loading speeding in real time. Its also provide the report which part we have to improve to get best loading speed of website. Google Page Speed Insight provide borth mobile and desktop devices speed test.
  • Google Ads – Its is use for paid campaign, its Keywords planner toll freely available for keywords research.
  • SEOmoz – To See the seo report of manily competitor website. SEOmoz analysis report gives the backlink report, well performing pages, anchor text and lots of seo states that help to plan our seo strategy.
  • Ahref – Keywords Research, Website SEO overview report, top pages, traffic, ads report if website running paid ads, content gap analysis, keywords difficulty and many things that help SEO agency and manager.
  • Semrsuh – Keywords ranking report, backlinks, keywords research.
  • GTmatrics – Same as Google Page speed insight GTmatching gives the loading speed report of a website. Loading is important for good user experience and rank well in search result.

SEO Updates

Google update the search algorithm for better user experience and provide best result for user search query. Google SEO updates timely also remove the spam results in this something

SEO Challenges

Nothing is permanent in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is changing phase.

SEO takes time to get properly indexed a website. Sometimes it can take months and even years because of the increased number of websites, keywords difficulty and high competitions. So, you have to wait for the results to come in.