Tokyo’s Haneda Airport as a Japan Airlines plane catches fire

Japan Airlines plane after collision at Tokyo airport

On Tuesday, a fire erupted in an airplane on a runway at Tokyo Haneda airport in Japan, as depicted in footage aired by the country’s public broadcaster NHK. Flames were observed emanating from the windows of the aircraft.

The cause of the fire is suspected to be a potential collision with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft, as reported by Nippon TV. Haneda stands out as one of the busiest airports in Japan.

According to NHK, there is a belief that the plane experienced an impact with another aircraft, possibly belonging to the Japan Coast Guard. Japan’s Coast Guard has stated that it is currently investigating reports regarding a collision involving its aircraft and the aforementioned plane.

An official from the coast guard stationed at Haneda Airport, as conveyed by the news agency AFP, mentioned that they are in the process of “checking details” since “it’s not clear if there was a collision. But it is certain that our plane is involved.”

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