5 Moving Tips You Need to Remember

5 Moving Tips You Need to Remember

Did you know that over 40 million Americans move every year?  

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. Long distance or local, renters or homeowners, the stress and anxiety of moving are unavoidable.  

The stress of moving can affect you physically and emotionally. There are many ways to help yourself through the process, however.  

Follow these helpful moving tips to make it a smooth transition and to save time, money, and your sanity.

1. Planning Is Key 

It’s important to plan ahead of time so that you’re not rushed when it comes time for the move.  

Start by making a list of everything that needs to be packed, sorted, or thrown away. That way, you can set aside time each day so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when the big day arrives.

2. Label Everything 

To avoid confusion during the moving process, label all boxes clearly with the room they belong in and the contents inside them. Use masking tape or a permanent marker for this task.  

If you’re using cardboard boxes, write directly on them. This way there’s no chance of getting marker on furniture or carpeting when packing things up at your old home.

3. Make Sure Everything Fits 

Before packing up all your belongings, take an inventory of what you have and how much space everything will take up in the truck or moving van. If certain items are too big or heavy, consider renting equipment to help you with the move.

If you are buying new furniture or appliances for your new home, make sure they’ll fit through doors and hallways without getting damaged in transit. This is especially true if you’re moving by yourself rather than hiring movers.    

4. Secure Transportation 

You may not think of this factor as important, but it can make all the difference when you are planning a move.  

If you’re moving within town or across the country, using professional movers will be the easiest way to transport your belongings safely and securely. If you’re moving, make sure you have plenty of room in your vehicle for all of your belongings. 

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5. Get Help From Friends and Family 

If your home is enormous or has many stairs, then it’s probably best not to attempt moving by yourself. This is especially true if you’re not used to lifting heavy objects.  

Instead, ask friends or family members for help. This is a great opportunity for the kids to get involved in something that will benefit them later in life.  

Follow These Moving Tips for an Easier Relocation 

Even though moving is never a fun experience, you can make life easier for yourself by remembering these key moving tips. Be sure to follow them if you’re ever planning a move, and you’ll save yourself an extra headache or two. 

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