Haunted Places in Kolkata

5 Most Haunted Places in Kolkata You Dare a Visit

Of the many metropolitan cities in India, Kolkata is amongst the oldest ones with a colonial and historical significance. The rich culture, delicious Bengali food, colonial monuments and beauty of the Ganges is something a traveler ought to explore but there’s a dark chapter of the city which is sure to attract the daredevil within. If you are enough daring to visit the most haunted places of Kolkata and listen to the eerie beliefs and scary mysteries, probably real stories, here’s the spooky list to give you goosebumps.

haunted places
The OCD Ghost – National Library

For some Libraries are no less than a depressing place and the one in Alipore, The national Library of Kolkata is way more than just depressing. There are stories of spirit noticed breathing under some readers’ neck. If you are not a systematic person to keep the books back in place, you better be careful when on a reading leisure to this library as the ghost in here is assumed to have a strong OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). No, this isn’t something funny, you mind it. Moreover, there are sounds of footsteps of someone moving around the readers, chairs drawn, books dropped and what not. The ghost is believed to be of the wife of India’s former Governor General, Charles Metcalfe. If you are anywhere in or near Alipore, do feel the spooky experience.

The Bhoot Bangla in Alipore – Hastings House

Kolkata is home to many old buildings of the British Era and once probably, the most horror place in Kolkata today is the Hastings House in Alipore. The building, now a Women’s university was once home to the first Governor General of India, Lord Warren Hastings. People have this eerier belief that the spirit of Hastings still visits the building in search of some misplaced documents while he shifted back to England after his term in India. A carriage of the British age ridden by four white horses is seen at night which either stops or vanishes. Footsteps are heard of someone moving hurriedly upstairs in search. Not one but presence of two ghosts is felt in the old building. A boy is seen in the field that was believed to be dead while playing football with his friends. Scared? Try visiting the building once to feel how true are these eerie beliefs and baffling sight.

The ghost house in Kolkata – Putulbari

Also known as “House of Dolls”, Putulbari is one of the scariest ghost houses in Kolkata. So, you find dolls cute? You won’t once you visit this house in the city. The dolls stacked up in the grand old building will definitely freak you out. There are people living in the house but even they are scared to step upstairs. The spooky story behind this haunted place is about wealthy landlords assaulting several women in the house and their spirits still roam around in the upper floors. Clinking of anklets and women laughing upstairs when no one’s there is what the residents experience after sunset. See it to believe it!

The morning terror at the Ganges – The Howrah Bridge

Anyone who visits Kolkata for the first time has an urge to have a view of the most iconic Howrah Bridge. But, did you know it is one of the spooky places in Kolkata? People visiting the banks of River Ganges in the morning report a terrifying view of arms emerging out of the waters as if asking for help. One could get confused if it is for real or that of a spirit. Not just this, a sobbing woman is noticed calling out people around in a nasal tone. The people who approached it or heard the horrifying sounds were later found traumatised. It is said to be the spirits of people who committed suicide or got drowned accidentally in the deep water. Want to experience it to believe it? Book cheap flights to Kolkata with Indian Eagle and have an encounter with the dead.

Feel the Gothic Horror – South Park Street Cemetery

What could be more Gothic if not a cemetery? The South Park Street Cemetery is one of the top haunted places in Kolkata for its scary stories and haunted incidents occurring late midnight. The old graveyard is believed to be engulfed in darkness and people visiting the place at midnight hear nerve-wrecking sounds and start feeling dizzy once into the cemetery boundary. Of the many horror stories related to the place, one is of a group of friends who went to experience the eeriness in the graveyard. One of them fall short of breath (dyspnoea), there cameras started to dysfunction and strange pictures where captured. If you still have the guts, go click some pictures to believe in the horrific stories.

Quite terrifying yet interesting, isn’t it? Whenever in the city, gather some courage and wander around these haunted places in Kolkata to make a spooky memory for life.