List of Best Restaurants around the Globe

Business owners, fine diners, and food writers are always looking for the choicest restaurants and food options. Restaurants are rated according to different standards, such as theme, trendiness, food quality, a degree of luxury, ambiance, and so on. The Internet is a convenient go-to-resource to check out the best restaurants. Whether you are a fine-diner, restaurateur, a food writer or someone who likes visiting beautiful places, you will find it all there. In this blog post, we are going to give you a list of the best restaurants around the globe, according to all the standards you can think of. If you are entertaining the idea of having a fine dining experience in one of these, know that reservations vanish within minutes. It’s good to have an internet subscription so that you can book online in case the phone is not working. If you are residing in Oklahoma City, get in touch with centurylink customer service phone number and subscribe to a package. After all, even the best restaurants get booking cancellations and you have a fair chance to get one.

Here is a quick list of some of the best restaurants for people with taste:

WhiteRabbit (Moscow, Russia)
Enjoy the remarkable views of Moscow, through the domed glass ceiling of this beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed eatery. White Rabbit hosts an amazingly imaginative menu. The restaurant is chic and elegant with a menu that features crisp Russian produce such as beans, baked bread, and barrel cucumbers. It also includes the new luxurious ingredients such as truffles, foie gras, and caviar.

Ekstedt (Stockholm, Sweden)
For the ultimate fusion of old with new, visit this Scandinavian cuisine for a unique experience. This eatery is old school, as it doesn’t use electricity to cook food. They use wood-lit ovens, fire pits, and hot coals. The contemporary counterparts are the served ingredients, such as arctic char served with radish and seaweed and avant-garde drink options. The restaurant serves a four to six-course menu.

Mugaritz (San Sebastian, Spain)
The highly creative restaurant depicts the inventive culinary revolution in Spain. Andoni Luis Aduriz, the chef, delivers a huge feast of around 24 courses. There is no fixed menu offered in this restaurant and food is prepared individually as per visitor’s choice. They even offer edible cutlery and centerpieces. The food definitely reflects some high art. Meal for two costs around $470 and that is, without wine.

Al Mahara Restaurant (Burj Al Arab, Dubai)
When in Dubai, pick an underwater restaurant. The aquarium runs from floor-to-ceiling in the dining area. You dine while loads of tropical fish swim by! Although the menu offers standard seafood, the ambiance makes the restaurant extravagant and worth a visit.

Osteria Francescana (Modena, Italy)
With a stately exterior and an emotive chef, you can have a memorable dining experience here. Massimo Bottura, the chef, cooks an array of delicious food. The restaurant is adorned with abstract paintings of contemporary art. It hints at how it is not an ordinary chic Italian restaurant. The art continues in the cutlery. Even the snacks, such as mortadella sandwich turned into a light mousse, an ice cream transformed into a foie-gras, a sophisticated stuffed bite. In case you are already planning to have a dinner here, a meal for two costs $360-525, wine excluded.

L’ami Jean (Paris, France)
France is considered world’s culinary capital. In such a country, it is hard to figure out a single restaurant worthy to be a bucket-list entry. Amid all the regular restaurants stands L’ami Jean, a bistro offering a unique experience. The food is a flawless fusion of traditional French and modern flairs. The Parisian atmosphere is the real deal that makes it worth visiting. This tiny place lets you hear the enthusiastic claps and commands of the chef, throughout the meal.

Ya, (New York, United States)
If you are a sushi lover, get ready to redefine the way you think of sushi. The restaurant offers 18 to 24-course menus and an à la carte. NY is full of incredible sushi restaurants. However, this eatery goes one step further. O Ya absolutely redefines it by introducing some modern and surprising ingredients. Some instances are Hamachi and banana pepper mousse, and potato chip with burgundy truffle, and on top, elegantly plated. It feels absolutely new and different in comparison to the other stereotypical sushi restaurants.

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