Places to Visit on a Greece Holiday

5 Spectacular Places to Visit on a Greece Holiday

A cheap travel to Greece can provide you with an experience of a lifetime because Greece is one of the world’s most visited countries. Greece, also known as, Ancient Greece, is located in Southern Europe with an enriched history and deep ties to Ancient Greek civilization that greatly contributes to our world today. The rich history of Greece is what makes it one of the most interesting holiday destinations because there are a number of historical places along with scenic beauty that is worth visiting when you are in Greece. Apart from the Greek civilization, culture and the breath-taking views, Greece is also known for its interesting and entertaining mythological aspect that includes gods, goddesses, myths, and legends that have been portrayed in several movies. According to a survey, the country welcomed more than 27 million tourists within the year 2017, which is why it is one of the most popular holiday destinations.

If you are planning to enjoy some cheap holidays Greece, here are 5 places you should visit for an unforgettable experience.

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The Acropolis of Athens – A Mandatory Site to Visit when you Cheap Travel to Greece
Acropolis is a general Greek term that means “highest point” and even though there are several acropoleis in Greece, the Acropolis of Athens (the capital of the country) is the most famous landmark located above the city. It is known for containing the remains of several ancient buildings that have great architectural and historical value, including the Parthenon temple which was dedicated by the people of Athens to the goddess Athena, protector of the city. If you enjoy ancient architecture and the spectacular historic temples representing the Greek mythology, the Acropolis of Athens is a mandatory site for you to visit. You will be astonished by the glittering marble, Doric columns, and pathways that let you take a stroll around this monument while you enjoy the surrounding view.

Mount Olympus – Mythological Throne of Zeus
Once you cheap travel to Greece, it will become necessary for you to visit one of the most famous mountains in the world, Mount Olympus, especially if you are interested in the Greek mythology. This mountain has a very high historical and mythological value because it was considered to be the ruling place of Zeus and the gathering place for other gods and goddesses, including Hades the god of the Underworld. This mountain attracts a great number of tourists with the opportunity to trek up to the top of the mountain while they imagine the mythological legends and their connection to this place. This mountain does not only contain the archaeological value but once you are at the top you can witness and breathe in the beautiful view around you and beneath you.

Melissani Cave – Cave of the Nymphs
Melissani cave must be a part of your trip when you cheap travel to Greece because of its unbelievable beauty and the mythological background. Melissani cave is located on the island of Kefalonia and it is named after a mythological nymph, which is why it is also called the cave of the nymphs. This cave is surrounded by dense greenery and once you climb down a slight slope inside the cave you will be left in admiration by a scenery that is beyond our imagination. This B-shaped cave has a lake inside with one side bright with sunlight and the other side equally dark. The beautiful waters change the shades according to the rising and setting of the sun and the walls of the cave are brownish in colour with numerous stalactites that make the cave look like a magical place. When you get the opportunity of cheap holidays Greece, you should visit this breath-taking place to witness a sight you will never forget.

Balos Beach – Exotic Side of Crete
If you want some time away from the crowd and the view of buildings in the city, then visiting the famous lagoon of Balos beach can be the perfect getaway for you. This beach is one of the places you should not miss when you cheap travel to Greece because the famous turquoise waters, surrounded by the wild beauty of the nature and the exotic scenery of Crete is a view you will not forget. Because of its incredible view and peaceful environment, it is often flooded by tourists, especially during the summers, therefore if you want some peaceful time on your own it is advised to visit this beach between the months of July and August. However, there is one slight disadvantage of the lagoon which is the muddy bottom of the beach with shallow waters that sometimes cause the air to become odorous because of the growth of microorganisms. But in the end, advantages of visiting this location outweigh any disadvantages.

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The Epidaurus Theatre – The Sacred Healing Centre
The Epidaurus theatre is another ancient piece of architecture that is connected to the Greek mythology as it was the sanctuary of Asclepius, the mythological god of medicine. This theatre was built in 340 BC, with one part reserved for priests and authorities and the other part accessible for the citizens. This ancient theatre can accommodate at least 13,000 spectators and is famous for its incredible acoustics that allowed the people in the last rows to be able to hear the plays acted out on the stage without any amplifying devices. Because of its architecture and the well-preserved conditions, it is still used in today’s time and is a famous tourist attraction that should be visited when you cheap travel to Greece.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries with great archaeological value and a connection to the Greek mythology. People are always intrigued by stories that connect legends with the different places which are a source of entertainment and excitement for them. Your cheap holidays Greece will be unforgettable and imprinted on your mind for a very long time if you get to visit the important sites mentioned above.