Useful Tips for Summer Driving

Summer Holidays right! You must be planning something amazing like a road trip or so. Most probably, you’ve had the summer car health check done. And you’re all set to hit the road. When it comes to car safety checks, it normally includes tire tread, tire pressure, engine oil, coolant and screen wash levels. While on the road trips, people usually run out of fuel and that’s one of the most common causes of breakdown. Experts have also highlighted some other factors as well that you must keep in mind when motoring in the summer holiday time. So let’s dive in;

Avoid Traffic Jams

You must prepare before heading to this journey. You don’t have to follow the crowds on busy motorways. Make sure you go on your leisurely way. The best way is to plan a different route for your destination, and it would surely be a great experience. Timing is must so be smart about your timing. In case you are travelling during the working week, try and avoid rush hour & especially getting back on a Sunday evening.

Tips for Summer Driving
The online route planner would be a lifesaver. So get along with a mobile phone app for traffic news & pick up the latest travel bulletins on local radio for updates. You can effortlessly get a summary of current traffic conditions online on a different website as the information is easily accessible online nowadays.

Using Cell Phones

Be Mindful! You shouldn’t be using a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Just ensure that you’ve checked travel news before leaving and also used the live traffic function in case you have a sat navigation with latest traffic update features.

avoid cellphone
Enough to Drink

Normally, it’s essential to be hydrated. But when you’re travelling, it’s even more important to keep yourself hydrated to help keep your concentration levels up. While driving, you’ll have to avoid fatigue & getting dehydrated through taking frequent breaks.

These few minutes are going to be effective. In fact, they will make a huge difference without even affecting the overall journey times. Keep in mind that water is the best hydrator.

Bright Sunlight

You should avoid the glare. When you’re driving in the summer, you’ll inevitably experience the tired eyes & dazzle from the bright sun. Therefore, make sure to keep the windscreen clean. And must get scratches & chips repaired – if necessary. Don’t forget to use the sun visor & wear non-light reactive sunglasses.

Hay Fever

Beware of this. It can turn thing worse especially when you’re driving at high speed. In fact, you can lose the vision for as much as 100 meters, if you sneeze while driving at 70mph. As per surveys, 1 out of 3 drivers is known to get distracted by hay fever. Statistically, over 2-million drivers are thought to have had an accident, or experience losing control of their vehicle, due to hay fever. So in case you’re one of those likely to suffer or already suffering this, try following these steps;

Don’t take any medication that causes drowsiness
Close windows & air vents to reduce pollen grains entering the car
Clean mats & carpets regularly so it will reduce dust
Have tissues
Wear sunglasses
Last but not the least, make sure you buy high-quality premium car tyre in Sharjah so that you get the better traction on the road.