Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Moving Company

Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Moving Company

It’s no secret that moving is a major stressor. The to-do lists, logistics, and the potential for too much or too little stuff are stressful endeavors. That’s why we hire a home moving company, right?

But before we hire a home moving company, there are questions to ask, considerations to take, and tips to help make the most of this day. This article includes the questions you need to ask before hiring a moving company.

Are You Properly Licensed?

When considering home moving services, it is essential to inquire about their licensing. You want to ensure the moving company is authorized to operate in the areas in which you are moving. It is also important to verify that their employees have licenses as well.

Do You Offer In-Person Estimates?

Before hiring a home moving company, it’s essential to ask if they offer in-person estimates. An in-person estimate allows the company to assess the home and items needing to be moved and calculate an accurate quote. If an in-person estimate isn’t available, customers should ask what criteria the company uses to create moving estimates online.

Is There Anything You Will Not Move?

Before hiring home movers, it is also important to ask if there is anything they will not move. Some companies will not move specific items like pianos, pool tables, breakables, and large furniture.

Before buying their services, ask the company if it requires disassembling the furniture before pick-up. Also, ask whether they can safely move items to and from locations with stairs, elevators, or difficult access. If you have hazardous materials, know if they will be transporting them and if they will handle items that require extra care or protection, like fragile art.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover your Crew?

Before hiring a home moving company, it’s important to ask if the crew is covered by workers’ compensation so that any of their workers, in the event of an accident, are properly insured. Ask the home moving company if they have their workers’ compensation policy and coverage. Ask to see the policy and legal documents to ensure the company complies with the necessary regulations.

Can You Guarantee My Delivery Date?

It is essential to ask about guarantees of delivery date when asking your potential home moving company questions before hiring them. Inquire about their delivery policy and if they provide guarantees in writing.

An experienced home moving company should be able to provide you with an estimated arrival date with potential delays factored in, and most high-quality moving companies will provide guarantees. So if you’re looking for a moving service to guarantee your delivery date, check out Haulin Assets Movers today!

Hire a Home Moving Company Today

Affordable and reliable moving companies are essential when relocating. When selecting a home moving company, important questions must be asked to ensure that your belongings get safely and quickly moved to your new address.

Ask these questions before committing to any company, and you’ll be sure to avoid any moving-related stress. Reach out to your local home moving companies today to get started!

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