How Many CBD Edibles Should You Eat

How Many CBD Edibles Should You Eat?

CBD gummies are a sweet and stress-free way to ingest your daily dose of CBD. However, individuals find it difficult to determine the CBD edible dosage that will be effective for the body. This article will guide you on how to use CBD gummies for maximum effects.

How Much CBD Gummies to Take?

The number of gummies you take will depend on several parameters including:

  • Your bodyweight
  • The condition you want to treat
  • Tolerance
  • The amount of CBD in each gummy

Individuals should begin with a lower CBD gummies dosage and gradually move their way up to achieve efficient effects. You’ll discover that most gummies come in five or 10 mg of CBD per gummy. It’s best to choose the low CBD dosage gummies at first. There’s no need to cut them into halves to take a starting dosage.

Some CBD companies also offer a 50mg CBD gummy which can be effective for those who want to increase their gummies dosage. Research notes that even high dosages of about 1,500 mg a day won’t cause any adverse effects. Therefore, slowly moving your way up to higher doses won’t lead to adverse effects.

Nonetheless, whether you consume high or low doses, it’s highly recommended to wait for at least 30 minutes for the effects of CBD edibles to kick in. Since edibles take a long time to kick, some people usually take more than the required amount which can lead to overdose and paranoia.

Edibles are available in a range of milligram amounts starting from 5 mg. You can even find a 50mg CBD gummy. As your body becomes versed with consuming smaller forms of CBD, such as smaller pieces of a gummy or chocolate, you’ll begin to experience desirable effects within the body.

CBD Edibles Dosage

The number of CBD gummies to take also depends on the amount of CBD per gummy. If you’re consuming a gummy or pill, the dosage usually comes per serving. Gummies are more flexible because you can easily break them in halves or into several pieces if you don’t want to consume the full gummy.

The brands also state the total amount of CBD per edible on their labels. This facilitates the process of determining how many edibles are required to get the desired dosage. However, some manufacturers lack that information, which means you’ll need to figure out the milligrams of CBD per edible. Afterwards, you can calculate how many edibles are within the bottle by dividing that number by the total number of milligrams in the bottle.

Bottom Line

Determining the number ofCBD ediblesto take is highly dependent on your own weight, and tolerance to CBD edibles. The sweet spot should be a 50mg CBD gummy, but this will depend on your body weight.

Consider using about .25mg of CBD per pound of body weight at a time. For example, if your weight is 200 pounds, you should take 50 mg of CBD gummies per dosage of CBD.