West Bengal Vidhan Sabha election results

West Bengal Election Result LIVE

WB Election Latest Result Live – TMC edge over BJP(Modi) as Mamata Banerjee continues to trail.

West Bengal Vidhan Sabha election 2021 results. Mamata TMC Leading. Mamata Didi sure to win this election. While BJP also in race. West Bengal Vidhan Sabha election vote counting going on.

West Bengal Election Result 2021 LIVE

Mamata Banerjee election seat Lost. Mamata Banerjee lost nandigram seat. West Bengal Election Result 2021 LIVE.

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Mamta Party well set to return to power once again in West Bengal.

@SreenivasanJain ‘Don’t worry about Nandigram. You have to sacrifice for a movement’, says Mamata Banerjee. Appears to have accepted the loss. [What a sacrifice, though.

@M99Kumar I pray for Peace, Prosperity & Health for #WestBengal Folded hands We have sufferred enough for decades, and now Bloodbaths need to end. No more Political Killing! #ममता_बनर्जी #WestBengalPolls #WestBengalElections #BJPinBengal #Bengal #ElectionResults #KhelaHobe.

@CreationYadav Many congratulations Mamta Banerjee for winning from Bengal. #ममता_बनर्जी #congratulation_Mamta_Banerjee

@NandkishorRAGA भूलिएगा मत! Our Prime Minister, Health Minister and Home Minister abandoned us and left us all to suffer amid the pandemic. What for? For an election, they have lost. #BengalElection2021 #ModiMustResign #ममता_बनर्जी

@ObcCongressHr We have all heard ‘ what Bengal thinks today , India thinks tomorrow.’ We must all take inspiration from this.” #ममता_बनर्जी #BangalElection2021