What Is the Disney Vacation Club

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

Did you know that the Disney Vacation Club has 220,000 members? Since the early days of Walt Disney, millions of people have fallen in love with the brand and what it represents.

There are several people worldwide who would love to get their hands on a Disney club membership.

If you love Disney, then you would have heard of the Disney Vacation Club. But what is the Vacation Club? Read below to find out more.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

Disney Vacation Club is a points-based program that allows you to buy an end-dated real estate interest at specific Disney resorts, making it more flexible than a standard timeshare.

To schedule stays at any Disney Vacation Club property of any room type and for all dates, you must purchase a set number of vacation points each year at a selected home resort. This is, of course, with availability permitting.

Members typically get discounts on a selection of restaurants, products, tickets, and trips. They even have access to the Sorcerer Pass, a type of annual pass for Walt Disney World that is only offered to residents of Florida and DVC members.

If you are interested in receiving a timeshare for the Disney Club, You will have to use a DVC shop. You can check more about DVC points chartshere.

How to Get Involved with the Disney Vacation Club

A yearly allocation of DVC vacation points is what you buy when you join a Disney Vacation Club membership agreement.

The number of points that best suits your travel preferences can be chosen. With your points, you can book lodging at Disney Vacation Club resorts in Disney parks around the world and at a few other selected places.

Depending on the resort you select, the number of nights you’re booking, the season you visit, and the kind of room you select, you’ll need a certain number of points for each stay.

You can use your points in any way you like, whether it is for a single extravagant vacation or a number of smaller excursions spread out over the course of the year. Additionally, you have the choice of banking your vacation points for use the next year or loaning them from the year after to use now.

In other words, you may buy a contract for fewer points than your ideal stay requires, but every two or three years, you could accumulate enough points by banking and borrowing from prior or future years.

The number of annual points you choose to buy when you join will have the biggest impact on the price of your Disney Vacation Club contract.

At present, a contract contains 150 to 1,000 vacation points, with the cost of each point for available resorts at $207 at the moment.

Make Use of the Opportunity

Due to the popularity of Disney resorts around the world, the opportunity to join the Disney Vacation Club doesn’t come around very often. So, finding out what is the Disney Vacation Club and how it works will be one of the smartest decisions you could ever make.

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