What Perks Do Disney Vacation Club Members Get?

What Perks Do Disney Vacation Club Members Get ?

While there is nothing more magical than a Disney adventure, we all know just how costly that adventure is.

Prices across all resorts have been soaring for years now, with no end in sight for price increases on tickets, hotels, amenities, events, and food. That’s why now might be the best time to join the Disney Vacation Club and potentially save thousands on a VIP resort experience.

But what perks are actually on offer for Disney Vacation Club members? Are the much-lauded Disney Vacation Club benefits worth it? Let’s take a look at the most valuable perks up for grabs.

Top Rooms & Upgrades

When asking “what is the Disney Vacation Club good for?”, this is mostly it. Members accrue points annually and with each vacation spend. These can be used to book rooms at DVC resorts across the country.

Different resorts offer different rooms for different point costs. You can click here to see exactly how much your points can get you at your favorite resorts, from Ocean View suites to sprawling private villas.

You are also eligible for upgrades at any resort, pending availability. This is the perk of DVC membership that can save you the most money. 

Disney Vacation Club Members Discounts

By simply being a DVC member, you can save money on every transaction you make at a Disney resort, regardless of how many Disney Vacation Club points you have banked in your account.

At restaurants and cafes, members will usually save 10-20% per transaction, depending on the venue.

There there are discounts at the gift shops, the malls, and anywhere else where you can indulge in a little retail therapy at your favorite Disney resort.

Resort Hopping

You don’t need to be an exclusive guest of one particular resort or hotel to enjoy what they have to offer. With your DVC membership, you can seamlessly move between different resort pools as you, please.

Your membership serves as a day pass to almost any resort you might wish to visit, without having to pay for any expensive guest passes.

Exclusive Events and Spaces

Disney loves to reward its most loyal fans. That’s why DVC members can enjoy a host of exclusive events made just for them, virtually any day and night of the week at any given resort.

DVC members can also access exclusive spaces that are only for them, such as the ultra-luxe Top Of The World Lounge at Bay Tower. Make sure to try the exclusive seven-layer cake at this one.


Enjoy the Good Life For Less

Disney Vacation Club members get more than just a cheaper ride pass.

They can enjoy the very best that this titan of hospitality and fun has to offer, often for a fraction of the cost. In a world where the good life comes at an increasingly prohibitive cost, it pays to know workarounds like this.

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