Baby girl names start with A

A letter girl name

Choosing the girl name with A letter, for your newborn girl child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby girl names that start with A. Modern Hindu baby girl names starting with letter a. Indian names starting with a. English baby girl names starting with a. A letter names for girl in Indian. See also Baby boy names start with A.

Check the baby names list region, religion wise.

Name Meaning
Aanya Colour of dusk, a warrior
Aadhiya Perfect or ideal. Also spelt as Adarsh
Aarti Means the sun
Aadvika World, unique warm
Aakriti Shape, innocence
Aadhunika Progressive or new
Aadiya Goddess durga
Aanshi God’s gift
Aanchal A cool shelter
Aahana First ray of light, dawn
Aaradhna Shape or form of matter
Aakaashi Sky or aasman
Aalap The starting point of a song, raga
Aaravi Peaceful and calm
Aarohi It is a Hindu name that means, ever rising
Aarushi Winter sun’s first rays
Aarchi Ray of light
Aashutoshi Pleasing to the mind
Aastika Believer of god and faith
Aatishi Progressive
Aayushi Long life
Aarini Adventurous
Abheeka Someone who is fearless
Abhijat Noble, wise
Abhinandani Congratulations, celebrations
Abhiti Fearless
Adita First root
Aditi Freedom and security
Adya Earth
Advaita Unique person
Ahilya Unploughed
Ahuti Delicate
Ayana Blossom
Akaashi The great blue sky
Akhila Complete
Akshati One that cannot be harmed
Akshaya Immortal
Alaap The first part to a song
Aloka Victorious
Amana or Amena The world
Amar Immortal
Ameeta Limitless
Amina Trusting, trust worthy
Amisha Honest
Amari With endless grandeur and splendour
Amiti Limitless, infinite
Amolya Priceless
Amulya Priceless, invaluable
Anant or Anandini Infinite
Anila God of wind
Anavi Humane
Anbumani Lovely
Anisha Supreme
Anjuman Paradise
Anshu Ray of Light
Ansh Deep part, a life cell
Anubhavi Experience
Arpana Offering
Aruna The sun, colour of deep red
Arvind Tez, lotus, empowered
Ashmita Rock born
Ashwini or Ashvini A cavalier, a winner, a standout, a star
Athera Path
Ateet The past, inner being
Atriya Overflowing
Avaloki One who beholds
Avijita Invincible
Ayushi Long living