Baby girl names start with C

C letter girl name, Baby girl names start with C, Hindu girl name C letter

Choosing the hindu girl name with C letter, for your newborn girl child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby girl names that start with C. Modern hindu baby girl names starting with letter C. Indian girl names starting with C English baby girl names starting with C. “C” letter names for girl in India. See also Baby boy names start with C.

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Name Meaning
Charu Attractive, beautiful
Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
Chavvi Reflection or Image or Radiance
Chanchala Restless/ Energetic/ Motion
Chayu Showing respect
Cheru small
Charil brightness
Cheena pure white marble
Chetal having a life
Chiti love
Chayana the moon
Charvi Beautiful girl, Beautiful woman
Chaaya Alive, Living, Lustre, Beauty, Shadow, Life
Chaman a garden
Chakrika Goddess Laxmi
Chandalini Glorious
Chahna Love
Cetaka Thoughtful
Chetna Power of Intellect, Alert
Chetal Angel, Having Life
Canisa Very Dear
Cherla Love
Chiya Bird, Beautiful, Birdy
Chalith Cute
Chameli Jasmine
Chetra Name of the Month
Chahat Desire, Love
Cynthia Moon Goddess
Chervi Wife of Kubera
Cheena Pure White Marble
Cheshta Endeavour
Chitrangada Name of Arjun’s wife
Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi
Chandrakala Beams of Moon
Chandrabhaga River Chenab
Charmee Charming
Chintamani A jewel that fulfils wishes
Cheshta Endeavour
Chaitanya Glow
Chameli Jasmine
Charlotte Sweet
Cassandra Name of a princess
Christina Flower of Christ
Calina Heavenly
Chanchal Extremely energetic
Chakor Bird that loves the moon
Chaturi Clever
Chinmayi Supreme consciousness
Chulbul Mischievous
Chidatmi Big soul
Chitrakshi Owner of beautiful eyes
Chaaya Shadow
Chaman Garden
Chanasya Delighted
Charvi Beautiful woman
Chinayi Blissful
Chitrarthi The one with bright chariot
Cheru Love
Charmaine Song
Chara Quiet
Charunetra One with beautiful eyes
Charvi Extremely beautiful
Chavi Reflection
Chintanika Meditation
Chitrali Line of pictures
Chitrani River Ganga
Chaina Peace
Chancy Goddess Lakshmi
Charil Bright
Chayla Fairy
Chicha One whose smile is as bright as sun
Chakshu Eyes
Charula Beautiful
Chatima Beautiful
Chayana Moon
Chetra Name of the month
Chimayee Wonderful
Chiragi Lightening
Choksha Clean
Chalith Cute
Chanasya Delight