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Today Choghadiya timing for Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad Ujjain and New Delhi is given below. Choghadiya table show us auspicious shubh muhurat. You can also view choghadiya in Hindi & Gujarati.

Choghadiya Monday, April 26 • Today Choghadiya (Aaj Ka Chogadhiya)

TimeDay ChogadhiyaTimeNight Chogadhiya
From 5:50 AM to 7:28 AMAmrit6:46 PM to 8:09 PMChal
7:28 AM to 9:05 AMKaal8:09 PM to 9:32 PmRog
9:05 AM to 10:42 AMShubh9:32 Pm to 10:55 PMKaal
10:42 AM to 12:19 PMRog10:55 PM to 12:18 AMLabh
12:12 PM to 1:55 PMUdveg12:18 AM to 1:41 AMUdveg
1:55 Pm to 3:52 PMChal1:41 AM to 3:04 AMShubh
3:52 PM to 5:09 PMLabh3:04 AM to 4:27 AMAmrit
5:09 PM to 6:46 PMAmrit4:27 AM to 5:50 AMChal

To find choghadiya for Jaipur, Nagpur, Chennai or any city for today shubh muhurat. See chogadhiya table for shubh muhurat.

देखें आज का चौघड़िया हिंदी में.

What is Today Choghadiya?

Choghadiya is hindi vadic word which means four set of around 96 minutes duration. Scintifically if we devide today surise to tommorow surise time peridod into 8 parts we get each part arround 96 minutes. First 4 part cover day time and last 4 parts conver night time.
Choghadiya (चौघड़िया / ચોઘડિયા ) – As per vedic time calculations, time is calculated in ‘Ghadi’. Choughadiya word form with hindi words “Chaw – चौ” and ‘ghadi-घडी’ as each choghadiya is roughly period of 96 minutes .

Chogadhiya Table

Din or Raat ka Chogadhiya Table.

Din ka Chogadhiya – Below table show shubh muhuratf for today when sunrise in your city at 6:PM


Rat ka Choghadiya Table. Below table show shubh muhurat for night when Sunset in your city at 6:PM


Shubh Chogadhiya Muhurat

  • Amrit, shubh, labh and char are good choghadiya auspicious work and all important events should be commenced during these times.
  • Char Choghadiya – It is considered a good Choghadiya.
  • Udveg, Kaal, Rog Choghadiya – These are the inauspicious time durations or ashubh muhurat, doing any auspicious work should be avoided.

Meaning Of Different Choghadiya

Amrit choghadiya meaning – Amrit Choghadiya is  considered beneficial for all types of occasions or auspicious work. It comes under the influence of Moon. Moon is considered as a  shubh planet in Hindu Vedic Astrology. We do puja of moon on karwa chauth and moon is part of lord shiva.

Shubh choghadiya meaning –  In hindu vedic astrology shubh choghadiya timing  under the Jupiter planet.  Is acceptable for all auspicious occasions, especially for marriage related ceremonies.

Labh choghadiya meaning.