J letter boy name, Baby boy names start with J, Hindu boy name J letter

Baby boy names start with J

Choosing the hindu boy name with J letter, for your newborn boy child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby boy names that start with J. Modern hindu baby boy names starting with letter J. Indian boy names starting with J English baby boy names starting with J. “J” letter names for boy in India. See also Baby girl names start with J.

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JaaiHindu / HindiJaai signifies Victory
JaaijitHindu / HindiJaaijit implies Victor
JabaarHindu / HindiOne who consoles others
JabarHindu / HindiOne who consoles others
JabarrHindu / HindiOne who consoles others
JabbaarHindu / HindiOne who consoles others
JagHindu / HindiMan of the world
Jag JeevanHindu / HindiLife of the world
JagachandraHindu / HindiMoon of the universe
JagadayuHindu / HindiLife spring of the universe
JagadbanduHindu / HindiLord krishna
JagadeepHindu / HindiLight of the world
JagadeesHindu / HindiLord of The World’
JagadeesanHindu / Hindi
JagadeeshHindu / Hindi
JagadevHindu / HindiLord of the world
JagadhidhHindu / HindiLord of the world
JagadhishHindu / HindiLord of the world
JagadipHindu / HindiLamp of the universe
JagadishHindu / HindiLord of the universe
JagajeetHindu / HindiConquerer of the world
JagajeevanHindu / HindiLife of the world
JaganHindu / HindiOne who is self-confident
JaganathanHindu / Hindi
JaganmayHindu / HindiSpread over the universe
JagannathHindu / HindiLord of the world
JagatHindu / HindiWorld
JagatbehariHindu / HindiWorld traveler ( jagvihari )
JagatguruHindu / HindiPreceptor of the world
JagatheeshHindu / Hindi
JagatkishorHindu / HindiWorld child
JagatpalHindu / HindiCaretaker of the world ( god )
JagatprabhuHindu / HindiGod of the world
JagatprakashHindu / HindiLight of the world
JagatveerHindu / HindiBravest in the world ( jagveer )
JagdeepHindu / HindiLight of the universe
JagdeoHindu / HindiGod of the world
JagdishHindu / HindiKing of the world
JageshHindu / HindiLord of the universe
JaggerHindu / HindiStrong, loyal
JagishHindu / HindiLord of the universe
JagjeevanHindu / HindiWorldly life
JagmohanHindu / HindiOne who attracts the world
JagravHindu / HindiAwakened
JahiHindu / HindiDignified
JahnuHindu / HindiA rishi
JaiHindu / HindiVictory
JaichandHindu / HindiVictory of the moon
JaidayalHindu / HindiVictory of kindness
JaideepHindu / HindiMasculine
JaidevHindu / HindiGod of victory
JaigathHindu / HindiVictorious
JaigopalHindu / HindiVictorious lord krishna
JaikrishnaHindu / HindiVictory of lord krishna
JaimanHindu / HindiVictorious
JaiminiHindu / HindiAn ancient philosopher
JainarayanHindu / HindiVictory
JainilHindu / Hindi
JaipalHindu / HindiLord vishnu
JaiprakashHindu / Hindi
JairajHindu / HindiLord of victory
JairamHindu / HindiVictory of lord rama
JaisaiHindu / Hindi
JaisalHindu / HindiFamous folk
JaishankarHindu / HindiVictory of lord shiva
JaisukhHindu / HindiHappy victor
JaithraHindu / HindiLord vishnu
JaitraHindu / HindiLeading to vitory
JaivalHindu / HindiLife giving
JaivantHindu / HindiVictorious
JaivardhanHindu / HindiLord shiva
JaiveerHindu / HindiVictorious
JaivirHindu / Hindi
JaiwantHindu / HindiVictory
JakariousHindu / HindiPeaceful friend
JaladHindu / HindiGiving water
JalancalaHindu / HindiIt means a spring or a fountain
JalbhushanHindu / HindiOrnament of water ( means wind)
JaldevHindu / HindiGod of water (lord varun)
JaldharHindu / HindiClouds
JalendraHindu / HindiLord of the water
JalenduHindu / HindiMoon in the water
JaleshHindu / HindiLord of water
JalindraHindu / HindiLord of the water
JalsaHindu / HindiCelebratory procession
JambavanHindu / HindiName of a character found in Ramayana
JanagiriHindu / HindiOne who is of good nature and has pure intentions
JanakHindu / HindiFather of sita, creator
JanakibhushanHindu / HindiOrnament of janki
JanakidasHindu / HindiServant of janaki
JanakinathHindu / HindiLord rama
JanakiramanHindu / HindiHusband of janaki
JanamHindu / HindiAn Indian word that means birth
JanamejayHindu / HindiAn ancient king
JanamejayaHindu / HindiHindu name that means ‘victorious’
JanapatiHindu / HindiJanapati is an Indian name that means Leader
JanardanHindu / HindiOne who helps people
JanardhanHindu / Hindi
JanardhanaHindu / HindiBenevolent person
JanavHindu / HindiProtecting men
JanbaajHindu / HindiOne who is courageous to defend the world
JaneeshHindu / HindiIt means ‘leader of the people’
JanendraHindu / HindiHe who is the Lord of all his men
JaneshHindu / HindiLord of men
JangbahadurHindu / HindiThe strong and intelligent warrior of his clan
JanikHindu / HindiIt is a Hindu name that means, ‘God is gracious’
JanishHindu / HindiHe who is the mentor for his group
JanjeetHindu / HindiThe person who notes the victory of his people
JankeshHindu / HindiLord of his subjects
JankinathHindu / HindiIt is another name of Lord Ram
JankiramHindu / HindiOne of the many names of Lord Rama
JanmeshHindu / HindiThe king of his kundli
JanmeyaHindu / HindiA new born blessed child
JannanishHindu / HindiThe man of father of good times
JannaviHindu / HindiOwn who lives by Ganga river
JanpalHindu / HindiHe who is companion of his people
JanpreetHindu / HindiOne who is loved by all
JantekHindu / HindiHe who guides and supports his family
JanuHindu / HindiSoul; life force
JanyuhHindu / HindiOne who is an expert at war
JapaHindu / HindiChanting
JapaapHindu / HindiKeeping God in his thoughts always
JapanHindu / HindiMuttering prayers
JapbirHindu / HindiOne who is very pious or spiritual
JapdharamHindu / HindiHe who never forgets his religious life
JapendraHindu / HindiLord of chants, lord shiva
JapenduHindu / HindiBlessed by the Lord Shiva
JapeshHindu / HindiLord shiva
JapethHindu / HindiOne who chants
JapmantHindu / HindiOne who meditates
JaritriHindu / HindiHe who worships with a lot of hymns
JasalHindu / HindiThe one who holds energy
JasamitHindu / HindiProtected by fame
JasapalHindu / HindiVery famous
JasbeerHindu / HindiVictorious hero
JashHindu / HindiVictory
JashithHindu / HindiProtector
JasjitHindu / Hindi
JaskamalHindu / HindiIt is used to mean Lotus
JaskaranHindu / HindiGood deeds
JasmanvirHindu / HindiSikh name for Boys
JasmohinderHindu / HindiJasmohinder means, ‘God’s glory’
JasodhraHindu / HindiName of the mother of Lord Buddha
JaspalHindu / HindiLord krishna
JaspremHindu / HindiIt is a Sikh name that implies love
JasrajHindu / HindiKing of fame
JasroopHindu / HindiIt means ‘form of glory’
JastejHindu / HindiIt means glow, radiance or glory
JasveerHindu / HindiHero of fame
JasvinderHindu / HindiIt means, ‘Glory of God’
JasvirHindu / HindiIt means valiant soldier
JaswantHindu / HindiVictorious (yashwant)
JaswanthHindu / HindiIt is used to mean, ‘victorious one’
JaswinHindu / HindiOne who has won the heart of others
Jata ShankarHindu / HindiLord shankar
JataayuHindu / HindiA semi-divine bird
JatakHindu / HindiIt is the name that means, ‘ Incarnations of the Buddha’
JatanHindu / HindiNurturing
JatasyaHindu / HindiThe ocean
JatinHindu / HindiThe ancient Sanskrit name means ‘disciplined’, ‘someone with a matted lock’.
JatyaHindu / HindiPleasing
JavedHindu / HindiStronger , smart
JaveedHindu / HindiStronger , smart
JaveshHindu / HindiRelated to god
JawaharHindu / HindiGem
JayHindu / HindiVictory
JayachandHindu / HindiAncient king of kannauj
JayachandranHindu / Hindi
JayadHindu / HindiCausing victory
JayadeepHindu / HindiLight of victory
JayadevHindu / Hindi
JayadityaHindu / HindiVictorious sun
JayakrishanHindu / HindiVictorious krishna
JayakrishnaHindu / Hindi
JayakrishnanHindu / Hindi
JayakumarHindu / HindiVictory will be his side
JayanHindu / Hindi
JayanandHindu / Hindi
JayantHindu / HindiVictorious
JayantaHindu / HindiLord vishnu
JayanthHindu / Hindi
JayapalHindu / HindiKing, lord vishnu, lord bramha
JayaprakashHindu / HindiLight of victory
JayarajHindu / Hindi
JayaramHindu / HindiLet Lord Rama Triumph;
JayaramanHindu / Hindi
JayaseelanHindu / Hindi
JayashankarHindu / Hindi
JayashekharHindu / HindiCrest of victory
JayawantHindu / HindiVictorious
JayendraHindu / HindiLord of victory
JayeshHindu / HindiVictor
JayinHindu / HindiConqueror
JaysukhHindu / HindiPleasure of victory
JeemutbahanHindu / HindiFull of life
JeevaHindu / HindiLife
JeevalHindu / HindiFull of life
JeevanHindu / HindiLife
JeevanprakashHindu / HindiLight of life
JeevaraajHindu / HindiLord of life
JeeveshHindu / HindiGod
JegadeeshHindu / Hindi
JeganathanHindu / Hindi
JeganathanHindu / HindiLord of the World
JenishHindu / Hindi
JeshwanthHindu / Hindi
JeyakumarHindu / Hindi
JeyanHindu / Hindi
JeyaramanHindu / Hindi
JhoomerHindu / HindiOrnament
JhulierHindu / HindiPrecious
JhumarHindu / HindiChild’s plaything
JigarHindu / HindiHeart
JigerHindu / Hindi
JigneshHindu / HindiIntellectual curiosity
JijeshHindu / Hindi
JijiHindu / Hindi
JijinHindu / Hindi
JileshHindu / Hindi
JimutaHindu / HindiOne of 108 names of the sun god
JinaHindu / HindiLord vishnu
JinabhadraHindu / HindiA jain saint
JinadathHindu / Hindi
JinadevHindu / HindiLord of victory
JineeshHindu / Hindi
JinendraHindu / HindiLord of life
JineshHindu / Hindi
JinoHindu / Hindi
JinuHindu / Hindi
JishnuHindu / HindiTriumphant
JitamitraHindu / HindiVanquisher of foes
JitenderHindu / Hindi
JitendraHindu / HindiLord of conquerers
JitheshHindu / Hindi
JithinHindu / Hindi
JithuHindu / HindiVictorious; Conqueror
JitinHindu / Hindi
JituHindu / Hindi
JivaHindu / HindiThis unique Sanskrit origin name means ‘healthy, alive or living’.
JivalHindu / HindiFull of life
JivanHindu / HindiA giver of life
JivanaHindu / HindiOne of 108 names of the sun god
JivinHindu / HindiTo give life
JiviteshHindu / HindiGod
JivonHindu / HindiA giver of life
JivrajHindu / HindiLord of life
JnyandeepHindu / HindiLight of knowledge
JnyaneshwarHindu / HindiGod of wisdom
JobishHindu / Hindi
JogaraoHindu / Hindi
JogeshHindu / HindiLord shiva
JoginderHindu / HindiLord shiva
JogindraHindu / HindiLord shiva
JograjHindu / HindiLord shiva
JomonHindu / Hindi
JoshwaHindu / Hindi
JoydeepHindu / HindiVictory light
JoydevHindu / HindiAncient poet
JubinHindu / HindiHonorable / righteous
JugalHindu / HindiCouple
JugnuHindu / HindiFire
JusalHindu / HindiPari
JwalantHindu / HindiLuminous
JwalaprasadHindu / HindiGift of flame
JwaliaHindu / HindiLord shiva
JyesthaHindu / HindiThe eldest. lord vishnu
Jyothi PrakashHindu / Hindi
JyothishHindu / Hindi
JyotichandraHindu / HindiMoonlight
JyotindraHindu / HindiLord of life
JyotiprakashHindu / HindiSplendour of the flame
JyotiranjanHindu / HindiJoyous flame
JyotirdharHindu / HindiHolder of the flame
JyotirmayaHindu / HindiImbued with light
JyotirmoyHindu / HindiLustrous