Which zodiac sign is the shortest height? Which zodiac signs are tall? How tall are the zodiac signs? Here is all about zodiac signs and their ideal height ideas. Height of person in as per astrology. Tall zodiac signs or short height of sun zodiac sign.

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Zodiac Sign’s Ideal Height

  1. Aries: 4’11
  2. Taurus height is 5’2
  3. Gemini height is 6’0
  4. Cancer height is 5’7
  5. Leo height is 6’2
  6. Virgo height is 5’4
  7. Libra height is 4’8
  8. Scorpio height is 6’8
  9. Sagittarius height is 7’0
  10. Capricorn height is 4’2
  11. Aquarius height is 5’1
  12. Pisces height is 6’8

Height of Person in Astrology

Short height to Tall zodiac signs in astrology.

Height of Person in Astrology

Zodiac sign Height AstrologyHeights
Aries Zodiac Height4’11
Taurus Zodiac Height5’2
Gemini Zodiac Height6’0
Cancer Zodiac Height5’7
Leo Zodiac Height6’2
Virgo Zodiac Height5’4
Libra Zodiac Height4’8
Scorpio Zodiac Height6’8
Sagittarius Zodiac Height7’0
Capricorn Zodiac Height4’2
Aquarius Zodiac Height5’1
Pisces Zodiac Height6’8

Zodiac signs average height

All size sign and their height is


average height of Zodiac signs is =67.31/12=5.60

which zodiac sign is the shortest height?

Capricorn Zodiac is shortest. Capricorn height is 4’2.

which zodiac signs are tall?

Sagittarius Zodiac Height is tallest. Tall height zodiac signs in astrology is Sagittarius that is 7’0.