108 name maa saraswati

108Names Of Saraswati mata. He is known as Goddess of wisdom. Here is her names of list that you can use for your baby names.

Sr. No.English NameMeaning
1SaraswatiThe Goddess of Knowledge
2MahabhadraThe Goddess Who is Supremely Auspicious
3MahamayaThe Goddess Who has Great Illusion
4VarapradaThe Goddess Who Bestows Boons
5ShreepadaThe Goddess Who Bestows Wealth
6PadmanilayaThe Goddess Whose Home is in a Lotus
7PadmakshiThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Like Lotus
8PadmavaktragaThe Goddess Whose Face is Like Lotus
9ShivanujaThe Goddess Who is the Younger Sibling of Shiva
10PustakadhrutaThe Goddess Who is Holding a Book
11GyanamudraThe Goddess Who Sits in the Mentioned Posture
12RamaThe Goddess Who is Enticing
13ParaThe Goddess Who is Beyond Everything
14KamarupaThe Goddess Who Takes Various Forms as Desired
15MahavidyaThe Goddess Who has Great Knowledge
16MahapatakanashiniThe Goddess Who is the Destroyer of Fallen-Beings
17MahashrayaThe Goddess Who is the Supreme Refuge
18MaliniThe Goddess Who has a Garland
19MahabhogaThe Goddess By Whom Great Enjoyment is Being Caused
20MahabujaThe Goddess Whose Arms are Great
21MahabhagaThe Goddess Whose Luck is Great
22MahotsahaThe Goddess Whose Strength is Supreme
23DivyangaThe Goddess Whose Limbs are Divine
24SuravanditaThe Goddess Who is Adored by the Gods
25MahakaliThe Goddess of Time and Death
26MahapashaThe Goddess Whose Noose is Eminent
27MahakaraThe Goddess Whose Form is Supreme
28MahankushaThe Goddess Whose Stick (Goad) is Eminent
29SitaThe Goddess Who Bestows Fruits of the Earth
30VimalaThe Goddess Who is Spotless
31VishwaThe Goddess Who is the Entire Cosmos
32VidyunmalaThe Goddess Who Wears a Shining Garland
33VaishnaviThe Shakti of Lord Vishnu
34ChandrikaThe Goddess Who is as Bright as Moonlight
35ChandravadanaThe Goddess Whose Face is as Beautiful as Moon
36Chandralekha vibhushitaThe Goddess Who is Adorned by a Digit of the Moon
37SavitriRay of Light
38SurasaThe Goddess Who is Charming
39DeviThe Goddess
40DivyalankarabhushitaThe Goddess Who is Adorned by Divine Ornaments
41VagdeviThe Goddess of speech
42VasudhaThe Goddess Who is the Earth
43TivraThe Goddess Whose Speed is Fast
44MahabhadraThe Goddess Who is Supremely Auspicious
45MahabalaThe Goddess Whose Strength is Supreme
46BhogadaThe Goddess Who Bestows Enjoyment
47BharatiThe Goddess of Speech
48BhamaThe Goddess Who is Personification of Passion and Splendor
49GovindaThe Goddess Who is Protector or Controller of Cows
50GomatiA Place Having Herds of Cows
51ShivaThe Goddess Who Delivers Liberation or Enlightment
52JatilaThe Goddess Who has Matted Hairs
53VindhyavasaThe Goddess Whose Dwelling Place is Mount Vindhya
54VindhyachalavirajitaThe Goddess Who is Seated in Mount Vindhya
55ChandikaThe Fierce One, the Wrathful Goddess
56VaishnaviThe Power of Lord Vishnu
57BrahmiThe Power of Brahma
58BrahmagyaneikasadhanaThe Only Medium to Attain Brahma-Jnana (Enlightment)
59SaudaminiThe Goddess Whose Resplendence is Like Lightening
60SudhamurtiThe Goddess Whose Form is Like Nectar
61SubhadraThe Goddess Who is Extremely Beautiful
62SurapoojitaThe Goddess Who is Worshipped by Gods
63SuvasiniThe Goddess Who Fills her Abode (the Whole Cosmos) with Auspiciousness
64SunasaThe Goddess Who has Beautiful Nose
65VinidraThe Goddess Who is Sleepless
66PadmalochanaThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Like Lotus
67VidyarupaThe Goddess Who is Knowledge Personified
68VishalakshiThe Goddess Whose Eyes are Large
69BrahmajayaThe Wife of Brahma
70MahaphalaThe Goddess Who is the Greatest Retribution
71TrayimoortiThe Goddess Who is the Trinity
72TrikalajnaThe Goddess Who Knows Everything About the Past, the Present and the Future
73TrigunaThe Goddess Who is the Personification of the 3 Gunas-Tamas, Rajas and Sattva
74ShastraroopiniThe Goddess Who is the Treatises Personified
75Shumbhasura-pramathiniThe Goddess Who Tormented the Demon Shumbha
76ShubhadaaThe Goddess Who Bestows Auspicion
77SarvatmikaThe Goddess Who is the Soul of Everyone
78RaktabijanihantriThe Goddess Who is the Slayer of Raktabīja
79ChamundaThe Goddess Who Killed the Demons Chanda and Munda
80AmbikaThe Mother Goddess
81Mundakaya praharanaThe Goddess Who is the Dispeller of Muṇda
82Dhumralochana-mardanaThe Goddess Who Killed the Demon Dhumralochana
83SarvadevastutaThe One Who Praised by all Gods and Goddesses
84SoumyaThe Goddess Who is Gentle and Cheerful
85Suraasura namaskrutaBoth Gods and Demons Bow to Her
86KaalaratriThe Goddess Who is the Night of Deluge
87kaladharaThe Goddess Who is the Support of Artistry
88Roopa soubhagyadayiniThe Goddess Who is the Giver of Beauty and Good Fortune
89VagdeviThe One Who is the Goddess of Speech
90vararohaThe Goddess Who is Elegant
91VarahiThe Power of Varaha
92varijasanaThe Goddess Who is Seated on a White Lotus
93ChitrambaraThe Goddess Whose Clothes are Variegated
94ChitragandhaThe Goddess Whose Fragrance is Variegated
95Chitramalya VibhushitaThe Goddess Who is Adorned With Variegated Flowers
96KaantaThe Goddess Who is Beautiful
97KaamapradaThe Goddess Who Bestows Desires
98VandyaThe Goddess Who is Worthy of Worship
99VidyadharasupujitaThe Goddess Who is Well Worshipped by Knowledge-Holders
100ShvetasanaThe Goddess Whose Seat is White in Colour
101NeelabhujaThe Goddess Whose Arms are of Blue Colour
102Chaturvarga PhalapradaThe Goddess Who Bestows Retribution to the Four-Sections of Society
103ChaturananasamarajyaThe Goddess Whose Empire is the world Created by Four-Headed Brahma
104RaktamadhyaThe Goddess Who is the Source of all Shakti
105NiranjanaThe Goddess Who is Dispassionate
106HamsasanaThe Goddess Whose Seat is of Swan
107NeelajanghaThe Goddess Who has Blue Thighs
108Brahma Vishnu ShivatmikaThe Goddess Who is the Soul of Brahma, Visnu and Shiva