Best Ways to Give a Birthday Surprise | Birthday Surprise Gift Ideas

best ways to give a birthday surprise

5 ways to give a birthday surprise

Birthdays are like mini-vacations planned as per our wish. It’s the only day when everyone around us tries to make us feel special and to do everything in perfect order. A week before the birth date we start planning out things and exploring gifts. It becomes more difficult if it’s your special person’s birthday. You want to do everything in a unique way and something memorable for the rest of your life. The best way to make someone’s day special is to plan a whole day out with all his or her favorite things in the picnic bag. Little mini-events of the day will add up and make the whole day special. Plan arrival of small gifts at a fixed interval of time and then at the end of the day through a close friend’s birthday party in their favorite location.

Use delivery systems to start their birthday right from midnight itself. Simply use the internet and look for online flower delivery in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other you wish to send the flowers to. Sending flowers will brighten up the mood for their day will make a good start for the day.

Birthday Surprise Gift Ideas

Here, we’ve put together few ways to give the best surprise to your birthday person:

Wish bottle

Take a fluorescent color glass bottle with a cork, and then add notes into it. On small sheets of paper write down your message and put these slips into the bottle. You can also add time on the sheet, it’s like for every hour they have one message from you the whole day.

Flower bouquet

While they are getting ready to spend their day; greet them with a birthday flowers bouquet. Make a bouquet from your birthday person’s favorite flowers such as lilies, roses, etc.

 Mixed tape

Create a birthday playlist for them. You can either have all the birthday songs in the tape, their favorites, or songs with a message which you want to dedicate to them. You can get as much creativity as you want. Get all your other friends together and tell them to record their personal messages and then later on you can play all those messages at their birthday party.

 Light decor

Arrange a rooftop set up to celebrate their birthday. Use a white color theme for the decoration with yellow lights all over the place and white flowers. A cake in the center, a bottle of wine on the table with a menu card that says only the birthday person’s favorite dishes, and soft music playing in the backdrop.

 Flower rain

To begin the birthday or to end the day you can have a flower shower with the birthday person. As soon as the birthday person comes out of his or her room shower flowers. You can place flowers on the ceiling fan and then switch it on it will look like rain. This can be done at midnight when it’s all over and the person won’t be expecting anything else. You can arrange flowers online if you won’t be able to attend their day for example write ‘send flowers to Bangalore’ and you will get tons of options to deliver your surprise.

A birthday becomes special when honest feelings are attached. It does not matter whichever gift you chose, just find something close to their heart or something that will be useful to them. A bit of free advice: unexpected gifts are the best. So, don’t plan anything just call few friends pick your car, and do all those things which the birthday person would love to do. It not necessary that great lavish parties are the best ones, the close intimate celebrations are also special. It depends on what kind of celebrations your birthday person likes and what he or she expects you to do on regular days.