Modern Colored Wedding Dress Trends and Showstoppers

Modern Colored Wedding Dress Trends and Showstoppers

Did you know that it is expected that there will be over 2 million weddings in the United States this year? If you are a bride planning her wedding and are in the middle of dress shopping but not really sure if you want to go with a traditional white gown, you are in the right place. There are several colored wedding dresses that you might want to consider while you are dress shopping. 

Read on to learn more and get those creative wedding dress wheels spinning. 


There are plenty of floral wedding dress options in trend at the moment. You can have large flower options or really tiny flowers designed into the dress. You can opt for multicolored flowers or one specific color of flowers.

Something else that is popular is adding a belt to add more drama and some vintage vibes to the flower look. You can look for the best wedding dress online to get a better idea of the different cuts and styles.

Florals have become a popular option because they make a romantic statement. This is very fitting seeing that this is a day full of love. 

Rose Dresses

Those brides getting married outdoors in spring and summertime, a rose-colored dress is a great choice. Rose looks beautiful on pretty much all skin types, and it is also great for those looking for a fairy-tale wedding. You can pair this wedding dress color with springtime greenery in your bouquet for a more whimsical look. 

Something Blue 

Another option is to opt for a dress that already has something blue in it so that you have that little bit of old tradition representing optimism, purity, love, or continuity. There are dresses with hints of blue flowers in them or dresses that are completely blue. 

Other dress designers have also created beautiful gowns with hand painted flowers and birds with an ombré color of blue and white. The ombré look will add dimension and depth to your gown, which is sure to stand out. 

Other designers have sort of recreated an Elsa look from the movie Frozen, with completely sheer gowns embedded with light blue icy crystals from top to bottom. 

Hot Pink

For the bride that is looking to stand out, hot pink might be a great choice. Hot pink is sure to make a striking and memorable look that no one will forget. You can tie in the look with hot pink heels, or add some contrast with black or silver heels. 

If you choose such a bold color, think about keeping everything else simple to not take focus away from your fabulous dress. Opt for a minimalist bouquet and simple jewelry.

You can look for a classic hot pink ball gown or choose a sleek and modern sheath dress.


Black has become another popular choice because it is both sophisticated and stunning. You will offer a dramatic twist on traditional bride attire. When you accessorize a black wedding dress you can choose edgy and bold jewelry and can even add a dramatic headpiece. 

A simple veil is the perfect choice if you want a more sophisticated look. You will definitely showcase your personality and individuality with this bold and daring dress choice. Vera Wang has some beautiful black dress options for the bride looking for that extra drama. 


Another popular choice are metallic color wedding gowns. You can opt for shades like silver, gold, and bronze. Any metallic color will give you extra glamour along with sophistication. 

Metallic colors were a very popular option for winter weddings, but more brides are opting for metallics no matter the season. Brides that love a touch of vintage glamour mixed with metallics, can look at wedding dresses from Jenny Packham. 

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a beautiful hue that is flattering and also feminine. Usually no matter the skin tone, blush pink pairs well. You will turn heads whether you opt for a fitted bridal gown or a ballgown. 

Emerald Green

Fall and winter weddings are complemented well with an emerald green gown. You can opt for either a velvet or a silk emerald green dress if you want to choose a less traditional wedding fabric. Emerald green can be paired with either silver or gold accessories for a more chic and elegant look. 

Benefits of Opting for a Colored Dress

One major benefit of opting for one of these 2023 bridal trends is that you can choose something that complements your skin tone and also your hair color. Not everyone looks great in the color white, and if this is you, a colored dress is best. 

Another benefit of a colored wedding dress is that you can incorporate religious traditions or cultural traditions as well. For example, in some cultures the color blue, green, or red is considered to be lucky. With a colored dress you can add an extra touch to your wedding day. 

Which of These Colored Wedding Dresses Will You Choose?

Now that you have our list of colored wedding dresses, you can make an informed decision on whether you want a colored dress or not, and which color you feel would suit your wedding best. Please keep in mind that no matter what dress you opt for, the end goal is to find a dress that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident on your big day. 

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