L letter boy name, Baby boy names start with L, Hindu boy name L letter

Baby boy names start with L

Choosing the hindu boy name with L letter, for your newborn boy child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby boy names that start with L. Modern hindu baby boy names starting with letter L. Indian boy names starting with L English baby boy names starting with L. “L” letter names for boy in India. See also Baby girl names start with L.

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LaabhHindu / HindiProfit
LaalHindu / HindiIt is a Hindu name meaning ‘dear’ or ‘beloved’
LaalamaniHindu / HindiRuby
LaavanyaHindu / HindiBeauty
LabakaHindu / HindiIt means ‘ a person with a melodious, pleasant voice’
LabhHindu / HindiGain
LabhshaHindu / HindiIt is a Hindu name that means ‘ one with a good heart’
LachmanHindu / HindiA name of younger brother of Lord Rama. It is a variant of the name Lakshman.
LaganHindu / HindiAppropriate time
LaharHindu / HindiWave
LahiriHindu / HindiIt is an Indian name that means wave
LakhanHindu / HindiLord rama’s brother
LakshHindu / HindiAim, target
LakshanHindu / HindiAim
LakshanyHindu / HindiOne who is well focused on an aim or a target
LakshanyaHindu / HindiOne who achieves
LakshayHindu / HindiIt is an Indian name that means,’Aim’ or ‘Goal’
LakshinHindu / HindiWith auspicious marks
LakshitHindu / HindiHindu name that means ‘target or goal’
LakshithHindu / HindiPerson who is well focussed on an aim
LakshivHindu / HindiIt is a Hindu name that means ‘aim’ or ‘goal’
LakshmanHindu / HindiBrother of lord rama
LakshmanaHindu / HindiA variant name of Lakshman.
LakshmananHindu / Hindi
Lakshmi NarayanHindu / HindiIt is a name that refers to Goddess Lakshmi
Lakshmi RamanHindu / HindiLakshmiraman is a name that is used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu mythology
LakshmibalanHindu / HindiLakshmibalan is a name that implies Goddess Lakshmi
LakshmibantaHindu / HindiFortunate
LakshmidharHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LakshmigopalHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LakshmikantHindu / HindiVishnu, husband of goddess lakshmi
LakshmikantaHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LakshmikanthaHindu / HindiIt is a a name that is used to denote Lord Vishnu.
LakshmikanthanHindu / HindiIt is a a name that is used to denote Lord Vishnu.
LakshminarayanHindu / HindiLakshmi and lord vishnu together
LakshminathHindu / HindiConsort of Goddess Lakshmi.
LakshmipatiHindu / HindiHusband of lakshmi
LakshmiramanHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LakshyaHindu / HindiTarget
LalHindu / Hindi
LalamHindu / HindiJewel
LalanHindu / HindiNurturing
LalchandHindu / HindiRed moon
LalchandraHindu / HindiRed moon
LalitHindu / HindiName of lord krishna, attractive
LalitadityaHindu / HindiBeautiful sun
LalitchandraHindu / HindiBeautiful moon
LaliteshHindu / HindiGod of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife
LalithHindu / HindiIt means graceful, charming or beautiful
LalitkishoreHindu / HindiBeautiful
LalitkumarHindu / HindiBeautiful
LalitlochanHindu / HindiOne with beautiful eyes
LalitmohanHindu / HindiBeautiful and attractive
LaljiHindu / Hindi
LalkrishnaHindu / HindiA pet name used for little Lord Krishna
LalooHindu / HindiIndian name that means innocent
LambodarHindu / HindiLord ganesh
LambodharHindu / HindiLord ganesh
LanibanHindu / HindiLord shiva
LankeshHindu / HindiRavana
LarrajHindu / HindiA sage
LavHindu / HindiSon of lord rama, fragment
LavitraHindu / HindiLord shiva
LaxmanHindu / HindiLord rama’s brother
LaxminarayanaHindu / Hindi
LayakHindu / HindiCapable
LazarHindu / Hindi
LeeladharHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Krishna
LeelakarHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Krishna
LeelaramHindu / HindiOne of the variant names of Lord Rama
LehanHindu / HindiA Bengali name that means, one who refuses
LekhHindu / HindiDocument
LekhakHindu / HindiAn author, writer
LekhanHindu / HindiAn author
LekharajHindu / HindiA good author
LekhitHindu / HindiA Hindi word that means author
LekhonHindu / HindiA person who writes well, author
LekhrajHindu / HindiThe King who loves to write
LekithHindu / HindiHe who writes well
LelayamanaHindu / HindiA playful and sportive person
LepakshHindu / HindiIt is a variant of name Lepakshi that means one with beauitifully painted eyes
LeyshyaHindu / HindiLeyshya means intelligent, brilliant
LibeeshHindu / HindiOne who has serious outlook to life
LibinHindu / Hindi
LijeshHindu / Hindi
LiladharHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LingarajuHindu / Hindi
LipinHindu / Hindi
LishanthHindu / HindiA variant of name Lishan which means an award
LitheshHindu / HindiLithesh means charming and charismatic
LithieshHindu / HindiLithiesh is a Hindu name that means Aim or Goal
LivjotHindu / HindiOne who is captivated by the Light of God
LochanpalHindu / HindiProtector of desires and wishes
LoganathanHindu / Hindi
LogeshHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Shiva
LohajitHindu / HindiOne who is like a diamond
LohendraHindu / HindiLord of three worlds
LohitHindu / HindiRed, made of copper, mars
LohitakshHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LohitakshaHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LohitashwaHindu / HindiOne with red horse, fire
LohithHindu / HindiLoheth
LohithaswaHindu / HindiWeapon of Lord Shiva
LokHindu / HindiIt means, earth or the universe
LokajitHindu / HindiConqueror of world
LokakritiHindu / HindiCreator of the world.
LokamayaHindu / HindiA variant name of Goddess Durga
LokanathanHindu / HindiAnother name of Lord Shiva
LokanetraHindu / HindiEye of the world
LokapujyaHindu / HindiWorshipped by the universe. a name for lord hanuman
LokasundarHindu / HindiLokasundar means the most attractive person in the world
LokavyaHindu / HindiOne who is virtuous
LokbhushanHindu / HindiOrnament of the world
LokenderHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Shiva
LokendraHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Shiva
LokeshHindu / HindiLord brahma
LokeshaHindu / Hindi
LokeshwarHindu / HindiOne of many names of Lord Shiva
LoknaathHindu / HindiLord of the world
LoknathHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LokpradeepHindu / HindiGautam budha
LokprakashHindu / HindiLight of the world
LokranjanHindu / HindiLord vishnu
LomashHindu / HindiA sage
LopeshHindu / HindiHindu name that means to mingle or be friendly
LoroHindu / HindiGreat power
LukeshHindu / HindiKing of the empire
LushanoHindu / HindiA variant of the name Lusha which means Saffron
LuvHindu / HindiRama’s twin son
LuvyaHindu / HindiLoveable