Baby girl names start with L

L letter girl name, Baby girl names start with L, Hindu girl name L letter

Choosing the hindu girl name with L letter, for your newborn girl child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby girl names that start with L. Modern hindu baby girl names starting with letter L. Indian girl names starting with L English baby girl names starting with L. “L” letter names for girl in India. See also Baby boy names start with L.

Check the baby names list region, religion wise.

Lekha witing, mark, horizon the crescent moon
Leya musical rhythm
Larisa Cheerful
Liza joy, devoted to God
Luja of great depth
Luma sunset
Laghuvi Tender
Lajila Shy
Lakhi Goddess Lakshmi
Leena Lord Of The Universe or Immortal
Lajita Modesty
Lakya Born On Thursday
Lekisha Life
Laasya Dance Performed By Goddess Parvathi
Lolaksi A Sakti Of Ganesha
Lumbika A Musical Instrument
Lalasa Love