Baby girl names start with O

O letter girl name, Baby girl names start with O, Hindu girl name O letter

Choosing the hindu girl name with O letter, for your newborn girl child can be a challenge. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of the best baby girl names that start with O. Modern hindu baby girl names starting with letter O. Indian girl names starting with O. English baby girl names starting with O. “O” letter names for girl in India. See also Baby boy names start with O.

Check the baby names list region, religion wise.

Name Meaning
Oni Shelter
Olivia Olive tree
Oja vitality
Oishi divine
Oditi dawn
Oma Life giver
Ovya Artist, Beautiful Drawing
Onania A Glow of Red Diamond
Olikodi Brilliant
Oormila Daughter of King Janaka of Mithila
Omana Lady, Woman, Tender
Opalina Jewel
Ojaswi Bright
Orpita Offering
Oorvi Earth
Onella Light
Oni Shelter
Osha Combustion, shining, burning
Oeshi Gods Precious Gift
Olichudar Brilliant
Omisha Goddess of life and death
Oorja Energy
Oja Vitality
Oliyarasi Brilliant
Omkari Goddess Parvati, Gauri
Oditi Dawn
Olimani Brilliant
Odaka Apple Flavour
Odathi Refreshing
Odika Anklet
Ojal Vision
Ojaswi Light
Olikodi Brilliant
Oma Life giver
Omala Earth
Omana A woman
Omisha Goddess of life and death
Omkareshwari Goddess Parvathi
Omkareshwari Goddess parvathi
Omkari Light
Onella Light
Oni Shelter
Orja Energy
Orpita Offerings
Oshma Summer Season
Oviya Beautiful Drawing